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Finally! This is us!!!


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Oct 22, 2011
Hello everybody! I thought it was time I introduced myself and my menagerie! I am Maria, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live in a rural area in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, with my very patient husband, my 4 yr old daughter and 4 dogs, a cat, two chinchillas, a rabbit and my two guinea pigs, Trueno y Rayo, Thunder and Lightning in English. I am an English Literature teacher and a Dog Trainer. All my animals are rescues and I love them to pieces! I devote a lot of time to them and I really enjoy doing it!
So here are Thunder and Lightning. Thunder is the black and white abby. They are around 4 months old, and I am in love with them! Hope you like them!
I have more pics, I'll try to upload them to my profile!


039.jpg 040.jpg 041.jpg 044.jpg 046.jpg
What a couple of cuties you have there! Thank you for posting pictures, we can't get enough pictures:D!
Welcome-great pics!
Welcome! Love your pigs.
I think I fainted from cuteness overload. If it's even possible to have an overload of cute, that is! Your pigs are adorable!
They are very cute.
Your boys are really cute! I'm looking forward to hearing more about them.
Thank you all for your warm comments and welcome! If you want to see more pics, I have uploaded more in an album in my profile! Rayo and Trueno, have a very big cage, plus 'playgrond' I set up for them and the chins. They have floor time at different times. I also take them to an outside pen, weather permitting, whenever I am outside and I can monitor how they are doing. They also come out for cuddle time with the family. Yes, two spoilt piggies! :D
Welcome! They are adorable!
Welcome, your pigs are adorable! Thank you for the pictures. :)
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