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Finally I have come!


Cavy Slave
Jan 9, 2012
Ohai der! Ha, my favorite two things to say.

Hi, I'm PeaceLoveCavy, but you can call me Lilia<3 or just Lilia.
I have a piggy named Lilia, which is 3 years and almost a month old. She is living in a store bought cage, which I got with her. I am moving her to a C&C cage, which is going to be white grids and purple coroplast. Then i'm getting new accessories, for the ultimate treatment for her "older" years. I actually bought her from a pet store, not knowing the dangers. She came pregnant, which was not good for me, because, I didn't know so I thought I was doing things wrong. But, she was just pregnant. We gave the small piggies away when they were ready.
I hope you have a nice time reading this,
Hi and welcome! We love pigtures around here, we have an addiction really, so if you have any of Lilia we would love to see them!
Purple coroplast with the white grids will look great! What a lucky piggy to spend her old age in such a lovely retirement home!
Well, thank you! I am buying a Crash Pad, the customized cupcake : Piggy Crash Pads. And, a Cozy Sack :Fleece Cozy Sack for Guinea Pigs and Small by PennyGigDesignsShe already has a log, hay-bale, food bowl, water bottle, ect. Then I am getting fleece from Joann Fabrics. The colors which will be in the cage are Pink, Blue, White, and Purple. Some black included, but not much. It will be an open cage; one floor. The cage will the be passed down to my brother, which is hoping badly to get a piggy for his birthday this year. Which on his next birthday ,in 2013, will also get a C&C cage. Probably white grids and red coroplast.
Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing your new cage and pictures of Lilla.
Sadly, my mom just told me my dad might be a bit mad at me if a buy a C&C cage because he "wasted" $210 on buying my guinea pig with all the additions. So I won't be getting a C&C. I wish there was some way I could convince my dad. Any ideas? My mom wasn't impressed either. I showed her how popular they are, how easy they are to clean, how she would have more room, ect. And, nothing. She just said," All you need is a lot of floor time and love to give to her, and she'll be fine." But it's not like that at all. They just don't understand.
It sounds like your little one will indeed get a lot of love!:love:
3 isn't a senior yet ;)
Give your parents time. It sounds like they did just do a lot for you and your Lilia! Come up with creative ideas for her in the meantime (check your other post) :eek:ptimist:
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