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Behavior Finally have all 4 pigs together!


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May 2, 2011
I've had my new pair for like, 5 weeks. I kept putting off introductions because I needed my husband to be home with me to help, and I was honestly quite scared.

When I put them in I prepared for a piggie war. I had wound cleaning solution, betadine. It wasn't even ever that bad! The worst thing was a few minor "pecking". There's not even the slightest trace of a scratch on any of the pigs.

Another thing is the smell. They really went crazy with the whole scent marking thing in the pen. It smells like diarrhea, vomit, and old crusty socks combined together. I feel kind of nauseous, actually.

They've been in a pen for a few hours and I'm about ready to put them in their thoroughly washed cage. A 2x8! It fills up one of my bare walls quite nicely. I'll update with pictures! I'm so proud of all my boars for being nice to each other!
YAY! Congratulations! Pics when you get then all cozy, woohoo!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Finally have all 4 pigs together!

My fleece liners and coroplast do not match, unfortunately. Erebos is hiding away somewhere. He let everyone dominate him since he's just a tiny baby.

I think I might sleep out in the living room to keep an ear out. I'm still nervous about leaving them alone together.
I don't blame you. I was scared putting my girls together. I waited for a day when I would be home all day to watch them. They did fine-just some head raising. I was so relieved. I think boars are worse tho'. Bob and Tom still get into "arguments", and they've been together for years. Poor Tom doesn't even do anything. Good luck!
They seem really calm this morning. Just a few humps. Last night they were making really obnoxious squeal-type noises, but they're quiet now.

When can I put things like pigloos back in? I have only open-ended things in there right now, but they're cardboard and may not hold up for long.

I'm also wondering when this smell is going to go away? My living room stinks to high heaven but it's extremely cold outside so I can only crack a window and turn my air purifier to full blast. I recall telling someone on here that I wanted to smell "boar stank" at least one to experience it- and now I regret ever saying that.

Another thing that is really nifty is they move around the cage in units, and they'll all lay down together under the fleece forests. They really are herd animals. :eek:
Congrats on a successful introduction! I'm glad it's going well. It made me laugh that the boys were on fairy princess fleece.
I don't know about the boar stink, but I do know that if you want to add the pigloos in soon, you could always cut a hole in the back of it. You might wanna do that anyway, just in case.
YAY!!!!! I know how you feel!! I waited 7 weeks to do my boars intro, then I slept on the kitchen floor (where I had the pen), and watched them. The only thing that really happend is that lucky got sprayed with boar glue in the face. Took him to the vet to get it off. Also, it does smell doesn't it!!! Diarea, vomit, old socks, fish, and old egg salad!!!

Oh, everthing we do for piggies!!❤️
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Congradulations! I have 4 boars succesfully living together. They seem to be pretty happy that way. Every now and then one has a little tiff over something but they get over it. =D
Oh gosh, now I'm kind of freaking out. One of the pigs nipped the other and a tiny tuft of fur came out. I looked him over on my lap and there's no bald spot or blood. I know the introductions page says that's not super concerning, but I've never seen a pig lunge like that. They're nomming on hay peacefully right now, but it's almost bed time. I'd like to know whether to stay out here and watch them or if I'm just being paranoid.

Can someone reassure me if all will be well (or tell me if it's not well)?
They will have scuffles from time to time until the pecking order is established. As long as there is no blood, there should be no need to worry. The cage is plenty big enough. Just make sure you have enough resources for everyone (bowls, hideys, water bottles, beds, etc).
Sounds good so far. I wouldn't plan on putting back the single entrance houses for a few weeks, though. Do you have some oatmeal containers you can make into tunnels? Or some PVC pipes you can use? Or you can make tunnels by bending a grid and putting fleece over the top.
Yeah, I have 6 hidey spots for them made out of boxes from mail package boxes(tape removed) cut open for two entrances, cardboard tubes, and clean fleece forests.When the chasing and humping started again I didn't see anywhere for the pigs to get pinned. If I put more hidey spaces I don't think there will be adequate room for them to run around the hideys, which may result in a pinning. I also have:

- 2 hay racks side by side that take up two grid spaces, plus a hay pile on the floor for extra measure
-4 pellet dishes
- 4 water bottles spaced 4 grid squares apart ( That's maybe 6 inches?)

I checked each pig over in my lap this morning, no injuries. They're calm and quite again. Yesterday, they were pretty calm and quiet ( except for a bit of humping), but when 5 O' clock came around they started the crazy squealing hump fest again. Then of course, the scary nipping that resulted in fur pulled off. Not sure what set things off.

Hopefully my babies will stay nice today and not have a random mood swing again.:p
So the pigs who had the hair pulling incident previously mentioned (Numa and Artemis) seem to have sorted their differences.

Today it's Numa and Erebos. Erebos is under 6 months old, and is quite tiny. Up until now he just let everyone dominate him. Late last night and today he's decided he doesn't like being the bottom of the pecking order. Almost every time he and Numa get close, I hear puffing (hissing) and teeth chattering. Erebos also does the "yawning" thing where he shows off his sharp teeth. Numa then runs away from him. However, there was another hair pulling incident. Erebos lunged at Numa and now Numa has a little ball spot on his nose from where hair got pulled. It's not bleeding and only about as wide as the thickness of a coin, but that scared the crap out me.

I thought the fighting would have died down into just hump-fests after a few days....

Part of me just want to seperate them, but they have such a huge room to play in now. I really want this to work, but I hate seeing them do this to each other. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to check on them. I'm exhausted.
Don't separate them yet--sometimes it can take weeks before everyone has settled down. As long as no one is losing weight from stress or bleeding profusely, I would keep them together.

Don't check on them at night! Get some sleep!
So, watching them run in their cage full blast definitely gives me incentive to keep my chin up about this. I took out two hidey houses houses and replaced it with a towel draped over the middle of the cage. The fighting seems to be more mellow now. The boxes had two entrances, but they might not have been able to maneuver around it as well as I originally thought.
I'm also wondering when this smell is going to go away? My living room stinks to high heaven but it's extremely cold outside so I can only crack a window and turn my air purifier to full blast. I recall telling someone on here that I wanted to smell "boar stank" at least one to experience it- and now I regret ever saying that.

ROFL. I remember you saying that. There was a thread about bore stank- I think it all started with someone explaining what happened to her hubby while she was gone on a business trip one week and he was left to baby sit. I asked if what you were saying was you felt the need to be initiated by your boys! :D

Please don't separate them. They sound like they're just being boys. No blood has been spilled, they're just trying to figure out where they fall in line. It'll take longer for them to figure out if you separate them and it will be even more stressful on you. Just hold on! Keep an eye on them, but try not to worry too much.

It can't be easy to deal with an anxiety disorder and boys who are still trying to figure out their pecking order. Just hang in there, get any support from family you can, and you'll make it! Piggy prayers coming your way!
Congrats on the success!
Bad news. Numa and Erebos really got into it and resulted in real wounds. Thread about the wounds in particular are here: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/72565/post-631978

I'm so upset. I feel like a huge jerk for even trying to put the two pairs together. I probably have to wait to go to the vet tomorrow, though I want to take them to the emergency vet services today.

I thought I was doing everything correctly, nitpicking about every single detail. I feel like a huge failure to my pets.
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