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Finally Got Some Baby Pics of My Piggies!! Enjoy!!


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Jun 2, 2011
I finally have some pictures. Unfortunatly, I cannot get you ones like they are now, because I do not have any on the computer, but I'm working on it. These ones, are they ones when they are first born, the first day, on my bed. Sadly, I can only give you a link, I hope you don't mind. So Luna, is the silver one, my first piggie, who is sadly dead now. Smokey is also dead, she is the mother of the three little pups, and she is white and around her head, is smokey. Aslan, is calico male. Coffee, is brown, female. LordBrocktree, is black and white masked, female. So, here they are, hope you enjoy!!
Guinea Pigs pictures by seabreezegerbils - Photobucket
So cute! Great pigtures!
You can copy the img code and paste them in reply spot should work
Awe they are so cute!!
Thank you everyone!! Glad you enjoyed! Thank you, and just picture those piggies in a bigger form, and you will know what they look like, lol. Yes, I tried doing doing that, but the pigtures were HUGE, literally off the page :sad:. I don't know how to make them smaller.
Thank you!
but the pigtures were HUGE, literally off the page :sad:. I don't know how to make them smaller.
I had that problem, but when I went and looked at my post, they had automatically resized to appropriate size for the forum.
Hmm..That's odd, I never tried actually putting them on without a link.
aaww they are so adorable luna!!!
Awww love them
Yep! They're my little babies! I don't know what would've happened if I hadn't gotten Smokey who was pregant with them from the petstore, or what I would've done without my resationship with piggy companions!!
I know what you mean! I can't imagine my life without my animals.
Yeah, and I wanted to say, I love you're avatar, Crystalkate!!
Adorable-I love the baby with the black on him/her although they are all so cute!
Thank you :D She is my baby.
Aw! What's her name? And thanks you, Mrs. Zen! That's my little girl LordBrocktree, (yeah...about the name? We didn't know what gender she was, and when we figured out she was a girl, the name had already stuck, lol!). And who are those two ADORABLE little piglets on you're avatar, Mrs. Zen, sharing the stem of a parsley piece? The little darlings!!
I'm so very glad everyone who has seen the pics all like them, thank you for you're kind comments :). I promise everyone, that next time I put up my piggies pigtures, they will be ones like they are now, all grown up! They've all grown up to be sweet, sensitive, snuggly, (well....I'm sure about Coffy and Aslan, but LordBocktree? Hmm...lol!), healthy and happy little guineas!! :love:
Thank you all-
Those 2 are my little girls who remain unnamed!!!
I adopted them from a family in PA about a week and a half ago and I don't really like the names they have...they don't fit them.
I'm trying to come up with different ones but I'm horrible at being creative.
Someone mentioned Salt and Peppa-love Peppa but not crazy about Salt...
Now, LordBocktree???...that's creative! :D
Lol, thanks! Now, is the one on the left an albino? I was just wondering because my first guinea pig was named Luna, and she was albino, so I always say that when I see an albino piggy, lol! Their both just beautiful! I am really drawn to that grey one, so glossy and silky, although as you said about mine, they are both amazing looking!!! Love em'! :love:.

And actually, the name 'LordBrocktree' is from the Redwall books my older sister Nula read, I unforunitly didn't make it up, :sorry:, :D!!

Thank you, and if you can't think of any names, I can help you find some:).
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