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Cage Finally finished my 7yr's 2x3!


Cavy Slave
May 15, 2017
I finally finished my senior pig's cage and wanted to show it off! She's been through so many cages over the years: a 3x4, a 2x5, then a 2x4 when her cagemate passed, then a petstore cage temporarily, and now a 2x3. She's slowed down so much over the years and mostly sleeps all day when not eating hay, so I don't think she minds the downgrade. lol It looks a little bare so I still need to add toys and such. Bonus bunny in the first pic!
Finally finished my 7yr's 2x3!Finally finished my 7yr's 2x3!Finally finished my 7yr's 2x3!
Just realized I said over the years twice. Whoops. :rolleyes:
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