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Philippines Finally! A guinea pig shelter in the Philippines!


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Cavy Slave
Jan 16, 2010
Hello! I've been on this forum since 2010 and I've seen several forum posts since then until as late as 2018 from kapwa (fellow) Filipinos asking where they can adopt guinea pigs in the Philippines. For the longest time, our only option has been to adopt piggies from those who are putting their pets up for adoption/rehoming on Facebook.

Thankfully, there is now a shelter for guinea pigs in the Philippines! It's called Guinea Pig Shelter PH. It's a private foster home for guinea pigs looking for forever homes. It is only 7 months young, but it has now rehomed 44 surrendered guinea pigs. I am happy to be part of it this year as I've always dreamed of starting a shelter or even a rescue for guinea pigs. Currently, I am fostering 6 piggies out of the 16 fosters in the shelter.

This year has been a hard one for all of us. In fact, Guinea Pig Shelter PH began because many piggy parents lost their jobs and had to rehome their piggies. But I've also seen how the community of proper guinea pig care here has grown this year. I think that many of us somehow started here. We came to this forum to look for one another, but somehow found one another on Facebook or Instagram. Thus, I felt the need to update this forum because I believe we still come here for guinea pig advice and information (like I do). Social media like Facebook and Instagram has been a great way to bring cavy slaves together and YouTube has been very helpful when it comes to information. But for an old soul like me, nothing beats good ol' forum. In a time when information can be instant and temporary, forums have a wealth of information that doesn't disappear in a swipe.

And so, for updating and archiving purposes, let me announce again: finally, there is now a guinea pig shelter in the Philippines! :love:


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Cavy Slave
Sep 23, 2020
Wow! That is amazing that there is a pig shelter now, it seems like it is much needed!