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How Much? Feeding Amounts


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Apr 7, 2008

I adopted a female pig saturday and she's possibly pregnant, though so far weight changes have been fluctuating a little (Gained around 26g between sunday and monday, but lost a couple between monday and tuesday) and I know 2 grams isn't too much but I'm just wandering about the total amount of food a pregnant piggy would need. If she really is pregnant, then she'd only have around 4-6 weeks left before babies would be due. The 2 gram loss might also be due to me adjusting the amount of veggies down to around a cup a day.

Here are the amounts of food that all three piggies are getting:

-Unlimited amounts of timothy hay, with a handle of coastal plain added per day. I've heard that they can have coastal plain hay, but I'd rather them have more of the timothy hay.

-Pellets: Momo is getting around 1/8 a cup a day(maybe more or less since I'm gradually switching her over to a different one), and the boys get around 1/4 a cup between them since there's two of them in a cage. Right now all of them are on an alfalfa-based pellet, but this weekend I'm probably going to order the Guinea Grab special from Sweet Meadows (That seems like a pretty good deal since I live in Georgia.)

-Veggies: They all get 1/2 a cup of greens in the morning and another 1/2 cup in the evening. Momo has been getting a 1/2 cup portions of a parsley/green leaf lettuce mix, while the boys get pure green leaf lettuce. In the evenings I split around a fourth of a good-sized bell pepper between the three of them, with mixed results from Momo. Grating her bell pepper over her greens is definitely helping. The piggies will often get 1-2 baby carrots given as treats throughout the day. Once a week, they'll either get 1 grape or a small wedge from a Cutie orange or a slice of apple.

-Water: Fresh water daily. Momo has an 8 oz. bottle that her former owner gave me, the boys have a 32 oz. bottle but I'm thinking about switching to two 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottles so it doesn't seem like I'm wasting water every day, since they don't go through 32 oz. in one day. Momo doesn't even go through 8 oz. in one day.

More about Momo: She seems more interested in her veggies and hay than her pellets, and after each veggie meal she wheeks like she's still hungry. As for her daily weigh-ins, I way her every day around 5 or 6 before her evening veggies. After weighing her I've been carefully lifting her out of the box and setting her on my lap for some veggies, so she can get used to me. She's also being quarantined in our sunroom (it stays in the healthy temperature range for a piggie and I've been monitoring the temperature with a thermometer right by her cage.)

In short, I'm mainly concerned about Momo getting enough to eat. When I weigh her tonight, I'll see if she's gained or lost anymore grams. I'm also waiting for her to hit the 1000 gram mark (so far she 966g) so that I can treat her for mites. I have the pour-on kind of ivermectin and a 3 cc syringe(that I got from my vet), and the lowest measurement is 0.10 cc. I haven't had a chance to order a 1 cc syringe yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Note: We're going to be growing a garden, so once the plants really take off, the piggies will have access to cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and anything else they're able to have that we're growing. I also have fresh 50mg vitamin c supplements, should any of my piggies need them.
Here's my thoughts...

Momo should be eating an alfalfa based pellet if she is pregnant. Pregnant and nursing mothers need the extra calcium that timothy does not provide. And all piggies should get 1/8 - 1/4 cup of pellets daily. It is the least important part of their diet, so don't be too worried if Momo ignores them.

All guinea pigs should be provided an unlimited amount of grass hay to keep their digestive tracts moving and help grind down their teeth. Grass hays include: timothy, brome, bluegrass, and orchard grass.

I don't know much about coastal hay. If I remember correctly it doesn't really provide any nutrients, so you'd be better off just sticking to the timothy. If you want to add variety just pick one of the other 3 I listed.

A cup of veggies each is great! Keep that up for all 3 piggies. Momo should be able to eat some of the viggies that are higher in calcium since she's pregnant, but the other 2 should be kept on low calcium veggies.
You can treat her for mites now. The weight cut-off is 350 grams, not 1000.
Right now all piggies are on an alfalfa-based pellets, but I'm going to order timothy pellets to start switching the boys over to it. I'm not sure when I'd be able to switch Momo over though, since her babies would still need alfalfa-based pellets until 6 months, even after weaning.

The sweet meadows Guinea Grab says it includes 3 timothy hay and 2 meadow hay(not sure what that is), as well as a 10lb bag of their timothy pellets (again for the boys right now).

I'll keep that in mind, right now she's getting some parsley, but she'll be able to get others once the garden takes off. I'm planning on looking at the produce selection at Publix, since I'm getting a little fed up with the lettuce at Walmart.
You can treat her for mites now. The weight cut-off is 350 grams, not 1000.

I know, and I can see if I can get less than 0.10 cc, but I'd feel better about giving her an exact dose that's right for her weight. I don't want to overdose her, especially with her being pregnant. I'm in the process of looking for a guinea pig savvy vet that's less than an hour away, even though I've treated my boys for mites before. It's a whole lot easier when they're over 1000g. (Sherlock is a steady 2lbs 12 oz and Holmes has been a pretty steady 3lbs.)
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