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Behavior Fearless Ginger


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Feb 13, 2012
I have noticed the last two weeks Ginger not being as skittish. Instead of running from us , she now will come right up to us. Well today I vacuumed the poo off the fleece. Little stinker came right out and started following the vacuum and sniffing it! She was funny to watch and I with I had the video camera out. I love knowing that she is feeling comfortable and is trusting us. Earlier this evening she was all snuggled up with my 7 year old son and her little eyes were closed. She was very relaxed! Just had to share and brag on her!
Sounds like my new foal. She's less than a month old and is the bravest baby I've ever seen.

Glad your guinea girl is comfortable in your home. Just make sure that curiousity doesn't get her into trouble...LOL
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