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Behavior Family Room


Cavy Slave
Jan 3, 2012
Finished our piggy's new home and currently have it placed in our family room. He was very excited about the new area for a while and now seems very inactive. His diet hasn't changed so I am concerned that maybe there is to much activity in our family room for him to be able to relax and rest. We have 2 boys, a 10 yr old (very calm) and a 4 yr old (which is a bundle of energy). :) Also my wife and I are usually up till late at night 11 pm - 1 am, then up again around 6:30 - 7 am. We have changed out some toys to no avail. Floor time he still gets out and runs around but not so much in his cage any more. We are looking to get him a friend within the next week, which might help out also. Any advice would be appreciated.
The friend will help more than anything.

I don't think there's too much activity there. We've got two kids here most of the time, a barking dog, and two dog visitors who stick their noses up the bars to see what's going on.

Pigs get used to what's around them. Ours used to scurry to the back of the cage every time our mutt came up to it, and now they just go nose-to-nose with her, and even offer an occasional lick.
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