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Introductions Failed intro or is there hope?


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Apr 24, 2024
Hi all…I need some advice. My piggie (3) lost her sister back in November and she’s been clearly depressed. I adopted a new piggie this past week (estimated same age) and decided to try to introduce them today. I hoped things would work out since the shelter said she should be paired with another female guinea pig. They’ve been in the same room so they’re aware of each other. I had them placed on a few towels in my room (they’re in the room next to mine) with a wire pen blocking off some space. I’d say it was a good 5 ft. Gave them some peppers and hay and there were two biscuits for each of them. Things seemed good at first but then there was lunging and teeth chattering and circling. My piggie had been trying to get the new piggie’s biscuit and invading her space. My piggie eventually backed down eventually but the other pig would still chase after her and look as though she was ready to bite and so I separated them. Tried to let them work it out for about an hour and a half but just had to stop. Is it possible to try another introduction in a few days or is it a complete failure? I really don’t want to have to return the new piggie to the shelter but I can’t have two cages. My pig also really needs a companion after she lost her sister. I’d appreciate any advice I can get and thank you for taking the time to read this!
As long as blood wasn't drawn, there is still plenty of hope left.

That said, there are certain instructions that must be followed in order to have your introduction succeed, with the best possible outcome.

I have used this guide several times to introduce boars to each other, and I have yet to have an introduction fail. Guinea pigs are like people, with individual personalities so you may end up with no bond at all, pigs who will simply tolerate each other, and pigs who become the best of buddies. I've had the latter two of the three.

Use this guide when you're ready, and try again. But follow it to the letter.


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