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Eyes/Non-crusty Eye Issues...Help !!


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Mar 22, 2012
Here recently i have noticed that Mocha's & Reeses right eyes are having issues.!!

Mocha's eye lids r a little swollen and her eye is in a little. Her left eye is fine. It's just her right eye that is bothering her. She keeps it slightly closed and if u go to touch her around it, she will close it.!! I can't see anything in it and there is no discharge. Could she have something in it that i can't see or maybe it's something more serious? I have looked on all kinds of sites about eye issues...but nothing really about if it's just one eye.

Reeses eye is in a little and watery. Her eye lids are not swollen and there is no discharge...just watery and in a little bit. It's her right eye too..!! Her left eye is fine also.

All my piggies just got back from the vet last thursday for their check up and for Reeses and Coconut's sneezing issues. Vet said they all look really good...but they are all on Baytril because the vet wanted to get them on meds before their sneezing turned into a full blown URI ! I did notice last night when i was giving them their meds that mocha had a scratch on her nose and her upper lip....and Coconut had blood and a cut under her jaw...i think them too have been goin at each other...not a lot, but Coconut does like to take food from Mocha & reeses...so i think they tuffed over some food..!! But now my issue is Mocha & Reeses eyes problem...I don't want them to hurt any..!! Tomm i do plan to call my Vet...to see if i need to bring them in again. Cause i really don't want it to get worse...!!

I wanna know if ya might know what could be the issue and if there is any way i can help them until i get them to the vet..!!! Thank ya !!
really...I hope my husband still has some here...he is the only one that wears contacts..!! Thank U SOOOO much for the tip..!! I hate seeing them in discomfort..! I will give that a try. I will do anything to help them feel better...i know it will take a bit for the swelling to go down...but i just wanna help them..!! Again thank u so much !!! I really hope that is all it is....i mean it's kinda weird that both Mocha & Reeses would have the same eye having problems..!!
When my guinea pig had a prolapsed eyelid, my vet showed me how to irrigate the eye. He said to squirt a strong, steady stream from the outside edge of the eye in the direction of the tear duct. If you go in the other direction, you can trap the debris back in the eye. I think you're wise taking them back to the vet. If there is hay or debris in the eye and it scratches the eye, you risk damaging it. It could also be conjunctivitis. I was using saline solution but he told me to use eye irrigating solution, instead, which is purified water. He gave me the rest of the bottle and it's Butler sterile eye irrigating solution.
A vet trip is definitely a good idea. Eye problems can get very serious very quickly. My first response to an eye problem would be the artificial tears, and if that didn't produce improvement very quickly, we'd be off to the vet.
Thank Ya all for ya's tips..!! I'm goin to try to rinse out their eyes to see if that helps..!! but i will not lie..i'm nervous as all get up...!! just afraid that i might make it worse, which i really don't wanna do...but i wanna give them a lil comfort. I will give it a try...right before they go back in their cage for the night...and if it doesn't improve before morning...off to the vet we go !!
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