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Behavior Extreme Changes


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May 2, 2012
In only around a month my guinea pigs have gone from hiding in their pigloo and basically being terrified during floor time to something totally different. Now they seldom use their pigloo and prefer to sleep outside their cage, they come to their names, I taught them tricks, and they follow me around! At floor time is when the change really sunk in, I haven't given them much floor time...they live in a 10 1/2 square foot cage now and besides letting them run around outside of it for a little bit (although they didn't do anything but beg to be put back which made floor time not very fun for either of us) but today and yesterday I brought them out and I was amazed. They RUN and everywhere! They were popcorning and wheeking and when I got up they followed me. I had no idea my shy little guinea pigs would ever be like this. They have changed a lot, I'm so thankful that I changed to fleece and made their pet store 20 by 40'' cage bigger because of this website! Thanks a lot! When did you notice changes in your guinea pigs and how did you react?
Borat's always been a laid back pig, but he was more shy and introverted before we gave him Amy as a neighbor. That made him blossom into a totally different pig who even sits up and begs for carrots. He also got more vocal, although he's still a relatively quiet pig.

Amy was a drama queen from day one. She learned to enjoy being petted in her cage much more over time and lets me catch her very easily now vs. running like a maniac when I first got her. Other than that, the biggest change I saw was when I moved her out of the small pet store cage she came in, on shavings, and into a much bigger model with Carefresh. It was the first time I ever saw her popcorn and do zoomies (probably the first time she had space to zoom around in a while). Now doing those things is par for the course for her.
Since mine were both from pet stores (eep, will be rescuing for sure next time...) they seemed to be almost grateful that they had been changed from dirty bedding in a glass tank to a cage with carefresh and eventually a big cage with fleece.
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