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Dominance Extreme Barbering


Cavy Slave
May 24, 2012
So here's the story. I have 3 guinea pigs. One named Skittles(black and white) whose hyperactive and is the only one that allows me to pet her. She was the dominant one. I got her from petsmart on black Friday 2011(11/25) along with Cocoa. Cocoa(Mixed) was very timid, shy, and docile. Now she's the dominant one. Both guinea pigs are American short haired kind.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Extreme Barbering(Old pic and old cage)

A month or so ago I went out the country because of a death of a loved one and a friend kept them along with her small kids and other animals. When I got back Skittles could not walk at all and wouldn't really eat. I was freaking out and I carried her to the vet and underwent laser treatment and inflammatory medicine. I noticed that Cocoa started biting skittles. I thought at the time it was to comfort her which it kind of did. She didn't bite constantly on her hair and well Skittles made a full recovery with lots of love and care.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Extreme Barbering (Ruby at petsmart)
Last Tuesday 5/15 I saw the cutest guinea pig (Abyssain)at petco so I had to get her. I never really knew what to do. As soon as I got the guinea pig which is named Ruby, I put her in the cage with the other guinea pigs. They sniffed her and walked away. They probably thought it was a hairball. Ruby is an extremely hyperactive more so than any other guinea pig.
About six days ago, I've noticed that Cocoa keeps nipping at Skittles hair. I looked up what that was and I found out that it was barbering. Some animal do it for boredom and others to show dominance.

Lately, I've seen her follow poor Skittles around the cage biting her hair even
while eating. Cocoa will bite Skittles while she's in the hammock. I see her ripe her hair out and Skittles run away but Cocoa keeps following her. Now it is to the point where Skittles butt area is extremely thin verses the top area. When I move some areas you can see a lot of skin. I've tried new toys but Cocoa yes she plays with the toys but not for long. I did separate them last night because I heard Skittles wimp.

This morning I did put Cocoa back in the cage and she's still doing it so I took her back out. I called the vet and since Skittles doesn't flinch when I pet her and her skin looks okay. He figures that separating them would be the best solution.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do? Should I bathe them to give them a new scent? I've never bathed them What is the color of healthy guinea pig skin?
I have seen her scratched a couple times today. Could she have mites?
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