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Exciting cage?


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Jul 21, 2004
I am making a cage for three of my boars in a few days, and I was wondering if you creative people here could give me a few tips to brighten up the cage, make it cool, lol. I really want them to be excited in this cage, Because I want them all to get along with a big space and plenty of places to get away from each other if bothered. I can make nothing over a 2x6 because I am just getting one sheet of a 4x8. Should I make a 2x5 and then an upper deck of a 1x2? As like a hay loft? I want to make this cage.. well, nicer than my other ones, lol. Do 2 16 oz. water bottles sound fine for 3 boars? I only have 1 water bottle with some other three boars, and they are doing great with just one. I'm going to give them two once I make this cage, and two for this one? Oh yeah, the color is green. Should I get a diff. color besides yellow,blue, or purple?
The water should be fine, as long as you refill them every day as anyone should.

Also, why not just pay the extra ten bucks and grab another sheet of coroplast? You can then have a 2x6 with a top level of 2x2 and 2x2 (one on either side), or a top level of 2x3, or a top level of 1x6 (in the back), or one like an l... etc. Makes planning a lot cooler and easier!
I probably should, I haven't ordered it yet. I still have to make sure they all get along, I haven't paired them all together yet. If they don't get along, I'm going to make a 2x6 with a 2x2 and 2x2 on each side and a ramp going to the other 2x2, probably so it would kinda be a 2x4 for one of them with just a ramp going to the other side. Would this not be enough room, do you think they would like it or would I just be better putting a 2x4 or such together? Two of my boars have already been together and were in a small cage ((2x3)) and didn't get along as well as they could have, but they never actually fought. If they do get along I think adding another boar will be okay, I'll have to make sure tonight.
I just ordered another sheet of coroplast, my Aunt is picking it up so she is ordering for me! I was wondering, mncavylover, whenever you put that column was it for support, and how supportive was it? Do your boys mind it, or run around it ect? I might do that, I probably will if I have a 2x2 up top.
Thanks, I've got a whole bunch of stuff planned now...
With a second sheet of corplast you can make the aforemntioned second level or, if you have the room, custom-make an even larger single level cage.

Guinea pigs love having lots of room to run laps.
Yes, a large single level cage would be awesome!!! Chad's cage is one to die for. However, if you don't have too much floor space then you could still just use an upper level. Thanks Chad!
I already have a 4x6, and don't have room for another. I am going to make 3 2x4 for all the males- socialization went very bad. I'm going to try it again in a week, but I don't know if it will work either. I just wish they all got along! Well, I am off to my orchestra concert, won't be able to reply for a long time. Thanks for all the advice! If they do get along, I am going to make a 2x6 with possible a 2x2 upper level, I think.
Wow! Ok, thanks! I hope that everything is going well! Have fun at the concert!
i was wondering, do piggies really do run laps, like mice and hamsters, or do they just scurry along.
Mine run laps, no matter how small the cage. They flip up bedding and everything. Some scurry along, like my older guinea pigs, but my younger ones are so energetic, it's nuts. Lol... wow, this thread was a long time ago but here is what happened:
Socialization went bad, but I paired one of the boars with another younger boar. They don't seem to mind each other. I am going to put them in a bigger cage, but my friend might be adopting that boar out so I am thinking of making a 3x6 and seperating it into 3x3s.. Not sure. My one boar is in a 2x3, and my other boar(Unfortunately) has to be in one of those Extra Large store bought cages- only equivalent to a 1x3, or 2x2. Too small, but I'm going to make him a 2x3-2x5 soon, depending on how many boxes of grids I get, ect.
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