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Hair Loss Excess shedding


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Oct 11, 2011
I've noticed that my guinea pig seems to be shedding a lot more (not to the point of having bald patches but still) and her coat isn't as shiny or soft as it used to be.

She's eating fine, getting plenty of veggies daily, and drinking normally. She had babies about 6weeks ago (I noticed the excess shedding when she was pregnant), if that could have anything to do with it.
I picked my Roxy up this morning and she seems like she is shedding more than normal also. This afternoon she was very grumpy so I decided to log onto the forum and check out some of the posts. I am going to keep reading and call my vet tomorrow morning to ask some questions.

Roxy just moved into a new big cage with a new baby piggy so maybe she is stressed out? Im not sure but I do know one thing - when piggys get sick get help FAST! Hope your piggy is ok!
I am not sure about guinea pigs, but I know women quite often lose lots of hair after having a baby.
I also think the shedding could be related to the pregnancy. But keep an eye on her, and look for any abnormally thin patches of hair, any itching or scabs that could indicate a parasite or a fungus. Neither parasites nor fungus usually produce widespread shedding, however.
So if the shedding is related to her pregnancy, will it eventually stop?
Just to offer another possibility: has the weather been changing where you live? My piggies shed like crazy a couple of times a year when the temperature changes.
Saph - how is your piggy?
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