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Introductions Every introduction is different


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Nov 30, 2013
Nov 30, 2013
Last night we introduced two new piggies. This is our 5th time with introductions and they never seem to go exactly the same way.

Piggie #1 has been with us only 2 or 3 months. She is a rescue pig that we took, to keep our older single pig company. They were great together but the other pig died a few weeks later :(

Piggie #1 has seemed lonely since then. She got more and more interactive with us, whistling for attention, and was obviously bored. So back to the rescue for Piggie #2 . Piggie #2 was living in a group and we felt guilty taking her away from her buddies. She was very subdued at first. The cages were next to each other for a few days and Piggie #1 seemed so eager to meet Piggie #2 .

It turns out Piggie #1 is completely intimidated! I don't know why. Their interactions seem normal for new cagemates, some rumblestrutting and teeth chattering, a little bit of nipping, some chasing. Nothing particularly aggressive. But Piggie #1 keeps trying to hide. She is spending most of her time up on a platform where a set of pellets and water bottle are.

Why is she so afraid? Anyone have a scared pig during introductions that eventually settled in and became friends?

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