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Bonding Even Numbers?


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Sep 13, 2011
I heard that guinea pigs, especially males, do better in even numbers. Is that true?
That's interesting, I wonder if it's true. It could be because everyone has a buddy that way, but that's just a guess. I've heard that males do better in just pairs, but I know that some have trios and it works just fine.
I don't think so. I know of several people who have herds of males and the numbers change constantly -- the old ones die, some get temporarily separated because of illness, new ones are added. It doesn't seem to make any difference if the number is even or odd.

There might be a difference between two and three, in that one may be the wallflower at the dance, but if you add another one to that, there's no guarantee that you won't still have one wallflower and three BFFs.

I don't think anything determines whether pigs will get along except the personality of the pigs. Inadequate space will make even the friendliest of pigs squabble more, but excess space won't keep an aggressive pig from tormenting his cagemates.
I applied to the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig rescue in Louisville, that is what they told me. I was kind of surprised. I just wanted to double check that.
I have never heard of that before! I have an even number now and everything is fine! But yes I agree with bpatters, the most important thing is the personality and temperment of the pigs.
Inle_Rabbit, email Julia at TGPR and see if she's talking about taking 2 or 3. I'd be surprised if she thinks that about larger numbers.
I have been e-mailing with a Jenny and she was speaking of trios vs fours.

"Although it is possible to add one piggy to a pair, we have not had much long term success with trios. Many trios that were successfully matched at the rescue developed issues after arriving home, sometimes weeks or months later. Our preference is even numbers; would you be willing to add a pair as opposed to one piggy?"
That odd, I know one person (piggiepigpigs from YouTube, she's been mentioned here before) had a group of four, then after bullying, she had to separate one pig from the group. Now she has a happy trio and a happy pair of piggies.
When I was kid I only had singles, duos or at one point a quad though they didn't get along I had them split into duos but I now know that it was probably more a cage size issue than anything else. I had a large home made wood cage but it was probably only a 2x3 grid size. This would have been 14 years ago. My only experience with a trio was a massive fail but it was a definitely a personality problem.
From personal experience, I like odds compared to evens. The cage politics seemed to go smoother, at least for my females.
Wow, I have had multiple sets of trios... not a single issue with any of them. I wonder if the pig you are inquiring about is bonded with a cagemate? I've literally never heard of this until now :?:
I had not mentioned any one pig in particular, only that I wanted one male for my two already existing ones. I probably will not end up adopting form them, not because of this, but because there are just this week a TON of guinea pigs on my local craig's list and a few at the local rescue and a few at the shelter as well. When I sent off my application I was having trouble finding pigs.
I have two pairs and one trio right now and they all get along fine with their cagemates. I think compatible personalities are the key.
Personality is very much the key in my experience. When it was just the trio at my house, adding the third pig actually helped to calm down the aggression between my two original sows substantially, as the rescue down here predicted.

Do you have a contingency plan in case you get a pig off of craigslist and intros do not work out? One of my biggest concerns when considering adopting from places other than the rescue have been that I couldn't do meet and greets and would risk either having to rehome the adoptee or have another cage if the new pig didn't get along well with everyone.
I'm actually leaning on this guy from Vision Hills here in Austin. I see they have another one, just since this morning. I already sent in my application just waiting for the call back from them. I didn't specify a piggy there either just a male. I want to find the right pig color doesn't really matter to me.
Ah, they are cute! Looking forward to pictures of the new addition once he, whoever he is, comes home.
Maybe TGPR's reluctance to do a trio is to add a single to an existing pair. That can be an iffy proposition, and the new guy is probably in for a lot of harassment. I wonder if they'd feel the same way if you had a singleton and wanted to add two more that weren't bonded to each other.
I had not thought of that. That might be the reason. Is it harder to introduce a pair to a single?
Well, I'd think it would be easier to introduce three who didn't know each other at all, but not have done it and only having females, I really can't say.
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