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EMMA HAD HER BABIES. Photos included.


Cavy Slave
Feb 13, 2012
Emma had seven but one sadly died):
They are all healthy and muma is doing great :D


EMMA HAD HER BABIES. Photos included.Apologies for the dirty cage, was disinfected as soon as i got home that day.
Wow 7 was a big litter, they are adorable are you planning on keeping any of them?
I wouldn't be able to let them go! I would defintely keep them all! That is if you have the time, space and resources! Congrats on an adorable litter! You must be so excited!
Look at all those little white fluff balls! How adorable!
They are so adorable!!!!
So adorable!! I am awaiting babies also anytime now. My girl is hugemongus lol. Emma looks just like our Milk. Our Oreo is the one that is for sure pregnant though. Congrats!!!
They are so cute.........I am glad that they are doing great
They look like little cotton balls they are so fluffy! Congrats on the babies!
their so cute!! are you going to keep any of them?
Very cute! Have you checked to see if any of them are lethals?
A lethal is an all-white guinea pig that is the offspring of parents with either the roan gene and/or the dalmatian gene. They are usually blind and deaf, with misshapen or missing teeth. Their eyes, if they have them, may be much smaller than normal, and misplaced on their heads.

They usually require lifelong hand-feeding, although a few do learn to pick up some vegetables if their incisors are long enough and in the right position. Most are born dead or die soon after birth, and the others don't usually live very long. There are a few who have lived two or more years -- you can read about one at (broken link removed).

They're one of the reasons this board is so adamantly against breeding. Pigs with obvious roaning or dalmatian coloring can be easily identified and should never be bred, but any pig with any white on it at all may carry the roan gene, and there's no way to know.
What beautiful babies, wish you the best with all your tiny cotton balls. Awesome that everyone is doing well, sorry for your loss of the one.
Oh, they are too cute!
Hey guys sorry for late reply.
They are all healthy and none of the white pups seem to have any problem. One of the coloured ones though was born tiny and one of his little eyes were glued shut but i've got proper care for him and his eye is opened almost. Yes i did say they are healthy, which they are but Emma seems to be rejecting a tiny white one and the little one i just mentioned. They are being fed properly and professionally around the clock. I'm helping them toilet aswell. Trying my best for the babies. Don't get me wrong Emma is a wonderful mother and she trys her best with all of them but the litter is just so big for her and the bigger pups are hogging her milk from the tiny ones so they have stopped trying. I've taken the bigger pups out and left Cappy and Molly in with mum to feed(What i decided to call the litte pups) but she doesn't have much interest in them. She isn't hurting them so they are staying with her just incase they do get an odd feed. Other than that they are healthy and hopefully they pull through fine. Day 4 and gaining tiny bits of weight so they should be okay.
Oh if you can see in the photo the tiny one with a dark brown face is cappy, the one that had his eye glued shut.
Naw :)
Gladly Emma had no difficulties birthing them and is healthy so hopefully all goes well with your Oreo and her babies! Goodluck :D
Rejected pups.

I know in my other post i said the rejected pups seem to be okay and they are, i'm just wondering if anyone had any tips for me to ensure they get the best possible start in their lives.
I have seen into professional help for them but you guys honestly have more experience with things like this.
I'm feeding them every hour untill they refuse the special milk, i've also tried little bits of brown bread and fruits/veg which they like occasionally but not often.
The other pups (there is 6 total) occasionally lick them and cuddle them but recently they are kicking them out of the hut.
Should i put something in there to represent the mother?
Tips would be greatly appreciated. I really want Cappy and Molly to have a wonderful life and an amazing start.
Re: Rejected pups.

But nothing in what you've said leads me to believe that any of the pups have been "rejected." Since the mother is not chasing them off, I think you would be better off leaving them all in together with mom and giving the smallest two extra "alone time" with her if they're not gaining weight.

Don't feed guinea pigs bread.
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