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URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Emergency!


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Sep 1, 2011
Help, i need answers now.

One of our piggies is sick with a bad URI. We took him to the doctor, he got batril, pain meds, eye drops. Doc told us to give him 12 ccs of water per day, and 6-8cc of pedialyte.

We just gave him his meds, and i was giving him his fluids, he started going limp, and opening his mouth. Now i cannot tell if he is breathing.

....I think Duo just.... Passed away...

I don't know what i did wrong... did i suffocate him? fill his lungs with fluid?
I'm so sorry to hear of him passing. :( you are in my thoughts.
i need to know if i caused his death. I thought a pig's lungs were not connected to his mouth... please tell me i am right.... If i caused his death, i don't know what I am going to do...

I need to know.
I am so sorry for your loss.

There is no way to know what caused his death unless you have a necropsy done.
Please just someone answer me this: Is his esophagus connected to his lungs. Could forcefeeding him the fluids of killed him? Thats all I need to know.

I thought their lungs were connected to their nasal passages and their mouth was connected to their stomach... that the two were NOT interconnected like most mammals.
It is possible it could go into the lungs.
i feel so empty.
I'm sorry about the loss of your pig. But please don't blame yourself. If liquid was going into his lungs, you'd likely have heard some choking and attempts to get it out. It sounds like he was just overwhelmed by the infection.

About your question about guinea pig anatomy -- it's pretty much the same as humans. There's one opening at the back of the mouth, and both food and air go through it. There's a little structure called an epiglottis that keeps food from going into the lungs -- when you swallow, it closes off the opening to the trachea.

So, yes, it is possible for food/liquid to get into the lungs, but only if the pig/human is not swallowing properly. I think your pig was just overwhelmed with the URI.
It's not your fault. You gave Duo the best care you could. <3
There is no way to know for sure, as previously stated, unless you get a necropsy.

I think it is much more likely that he was sicker than you or the vet thought. Since guinea pigs tend to hide their symptoms it can be very serious by the time they are diagnosed. A URI can develop into pneumonia which requires aggressive treatment.
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