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Feet Ellie is missing her toenail and part of her toe.


Cavy Slave
Jun 15, 2012
Hi Everyone
I am new here. I am desperate for an answer. I will take her to the vet. But i want to check if anyone has had this problem with their piggies and what was done. What it is.

I noticed yesterday while bring her back inside the house(she plays in our porch a few hours during the day) that between her back toes she had a tick! yuck! i took it out as fast as i could and crushed it. A tiny amount of blood came out. Then i noticed that Ellie was missing her whole nail and possibly part of her toe its hard to tell. I cleaned her cage and gave her hay and veggies which she ate. That is all I did. She seems normal playing and eating. What else can I do? could she have chewed her toe trying to get the tick? is it bumble foot? infection?
Does it look like it's a recent injury? It's possible she caught it on something. A vet will be able to determine if antibiotics are needed.

I would not put her out on the porch any more. Not only can ticks cause infection at the site, but they also are carriers of some very bad diseases.
Yes, I second that. The porch may not be the best idea. I would clean her foot with some water to remove anything that might be in the cut, and then put some polysporin or neosporin etc. on the wound, rub it in, and remove any excess. That will help keep it clean and germ free. If it's an open wound then try to keep her cage clean so she doesn't get any bacteria in it. Work on keeping it clean.
I gave her a bath on Friday morning. I didn't put anything on her i wasn't sure if Neosporin was ok to use although i really wanted to. I also thought on dabbing a tiny drop of teatree oil which is great on anything with germs or bacteria or growths they drop right off! but again i am afraid of using anything that may harm her unless i know it has been used on guinea pigs before. I appreciate the 2 replies. I am going to wash her back foot and apply some neosporin she will hate me touching that area I am sure but it will be for her good. I am pretty sure its the way it is because of the tick. She has played in the porch for over 2 years and never had a nail get ripped out before. Sometimes she plays on the grass and loves to eat it too, under a 3 foot wire cage of course, i think thats how she got the tick :( I feel bad i never noticed.
Thanks again! I really like this site and the support.
I wanted to update on Ellie's foot and nail. The bath and neosporin did the trick! She is doing great. Thanks to this website she is in a new CC cage 2x3, more than double the size of her previous store cage. I used to let her run around on the porch during the day. Now she has a bigger cage and she doesn't go on the porch anymore. Everything looks good and she is happy happy.
I'm so glad that she is doing better. I know that medical situations can be scary. Support is always here when you need it!
I'm glad to hear she's doing better, no longer on the porch, and in a big cage!! :) Thank you for taking care of her so she can be a happy piggy!!
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