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General echo bedding


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Dec 15, 2011
I was wondering if this bedding is ok. i have care fresh.. but i wanna try this cause its so much cheaper.
Can you post a link to it, so we can see what you're talking about?
(broken link removed)

Is this what you're talking about?
oops it was eco bedding and here it is
(broken link removed)
I have seen this stuff at petsmart but I have never purchased it. I am a carefresh kind of girl and will buy it even though it is costly. I read some of the reviews on the website and some people like it and some people don't!
I used the unscented Eco Bedding. I don't trust the one that has a fragrance. It's more like shredded paper. It doesn't last as long as Carefresh but it's okay. I was going overnight for Christmas so I tried a new bedding called Fresh News. I liked it better than Carefresh and it was cheaper.
I used the regular brown one, I believe it's in a blue bag, for over a month before. I didn't care for it mostly because the pigs sink in it when they move, so there is bedding up to their bellies and chests, often soiled bedding. It did keep odor control down and because it is so porous, as in there is alot of air space because of the crinkled paper, all the waste seems to sink to the bottom. But as I mentioned so do the pigs :p Out of 10, I would rate my experience with that bedding as about a 7. I use aspen now, and pretty much hate it but it is only 9$ for 56L so I keep using it.
I gave it a really good try because it was on sale for about a month or so. Despite its claims to have odor control, I found that it smelled when wet. I abandoned it and never looked back. I've tried just about every brand on the market, and prefer the Planet Petco varieties above all others.

Planet Petco Small Animal Paper Bedding with Baking Soda at PETCO

There are three varieties......paper bedding, crumbled paper (best for the money), and paper pellets.........all with baking soda. Neither my cavy nor I like the paper pellets because of the rough texture and the noise when he runs. If I were going to use pellets, I would probably buy wood pellets.

The Fresh News Small Pet Bedding also has baking soda. I put it in my cages on Friday night and there's still no odor. I've been spot cleaning by taking out soiled spots. I've never been able to go this long with Carefresh. Once it needs to be changed, I'll go back to fleece but I was impressed with this stuff. I'm going to watch for the one you suggested and buy some if I see it on sale. I like to keep bedding on hand in case we plan something where I won't be home to shake out the fleece.
Quick question, Kimberly. Have you tried using aspen over wood pellets? I know that Billie likes wood pellets, and someone mentioned layering the shavings with the pellets. Apparently the shavings provide a softer surface and dampen some of the noise of the wood pellets?

I have not. Since I only use it in their hay box I am soon switching to using a puppy training pad and then wood pellets on top. I've heard good things about the odor control of the pellets. I'm hopeful that with the extra layer underneath the pellets (puppy pad), it should solve the odor issue I have with the aspen shavings. I truly believe aspen is just about the worst at absorbing moisture and odor.
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It is ok to use as a topper but needs to be changed often it gets really wet. It stained my black and white pig and I like keeping them clean. I use piggy bedspreads most of the time unless I have a pig sitter. My long haired boys do better on fleece.
Thanks everyone! i put dog potty pads under. they are grate have no smell. it helps with the smell. thank you all for what you think. im still thinking about what i want :) i wont use aspen cause ive seen it and it looks like a hot mess to use. i might use it in his litterbox.. but probably not.
I use fleece in most of my cage, but I use aspen in the litter box with (broken link removed) on top.
We use the bedding and not the wood chips. It keeps our little boys from being stinky. I also change it every other day. My daughter has alergies and wouldnt handle the wood chips. It is only placed in the "potty" area and not the whole home. Its more expensive but nessasary for our family. We are working on modifying thier home by using fleece. I dont mind one extra load of wash. Laundry never ends anyways whats one more load! Right now they have a rug. The first day he chewed at the rug but has lost interest in it. Percy is potty trained, woot woot, and only goes on the bedding. I'm hoping he will help his little brother learn to use the "toilet" too.
I love aspen shavings because I just love the smell of wood and this keeps the room smelling like fresh wood until I change it. Even the girls' fur smells like aspen wood and I think I won't change this for quite a while.
I love the smell of wood chips too. It reminds me of my father. However with my little girl having alergies, we just cant use it.
Oh, so sad, sorry for your daughter's allergies. I know how it is, I'm highly allergic to a lot of environmental factors, including hay! I think Timothy is not getting me an allergy though, I still have to watch it. And I'm allergic to cats too. I've had dogs and GP before but no allergies to them, thankfully.
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