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Diet Eating really fast

Pretty Piggies

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Sep 13, 2011
I have seen threads where people discuss if it is okay for cavys to eat their full day's worth of vegtables at one time. Some people said it is better to feed them in sections, because they can't finish it all at one time and fresh is better. My pigs can. They eat their vegtables in less than 4 minutes. I have been out of pellets for a couple of days but I am getting some tomorrow, and I am refilling their hay everyday. Even when they had pellets, they still at super fast! Should I give them more vegtables??
I think the concern about feeding in split meals is more about the physiology of guinea pigs and not how much they can put down in one sitting. Guinea pig GI tracts are constantly moving and are built for constant consumption, so it would be better to feed in multiple feedings to meet their needs rather than one single feeding. Since their gut moves so quickly, I would imagine that separate, smaller feedings would result in more nutrients overall being absorbed.
You say you're refilling their hay every day. Are they running out before you refill it again?

They need hay all the time, and should never run out of it. And you'd be better off giving them extra hay rather than extra vegetables if you're out of pellets, except for giving a little more parsley for the calcium.
If you've got a C&C a really good way to keep the hay refilled is to take a wire grid, bend it in half, and stick hay in the middle. My piggies LOVE yanking the hay out of it. Then attach it to the side of the cage. If you don't, you can stuff a tissue box full of hay, but make sure you rip the plastic lining off the top. You can also do things like stuffing big cardboard rolls or paper bags, but that's a bit messier. If you stuff toilet paper rolls cut it down the middle so they don't decide to get stuck in it, little rascals.

I give my piggies veggies when I wake up, and in the evening. Sometimes 3 times a day, but with decreased portions. I definitely agree with bpatters, you're much better off giving them more hay than more vegetables.
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I do feed them twice daily of their vegtables. I have a small hay holder, and a bucket, but I usually don't fill the hay holder. I will start doing that. :)
Don't skimp on the hay -- you're just setting the pigs up for future medical problems and yourself for expensive medical bills. The hay is what keeps their teeth ground down -- without it, their molars overgrow and trap their tongues. Hay also keeps their intestinal tract moving normally -- otherwise they may get bloated, which is a medical emergency that a lot of pigs don't survive.
EXACTLY!!! I do refill their hay, they just might go a couple of hours with out it. I will start changing things around, so that they will always have hay. :) Thank you bpatters!
You don't really want them going hours without hay... it is best for their digestion to have unlimited access to it.

May I ask, why are you not just giving an abundance of hay? There is no need to limit what hay you put in the cage to what you think they will eat before you are back home. Hay is the cheapest thing you can provide for your guinea pigs, and the most important. My pigs have more hay in their cage than they could eat in 5 days, and I still add fresh handfuls throughout the day.
They eat their vegtables in less than 4 minutes. I have been out of pellets for a couple of days but I am getting some tomorrow, and I am refilling their hay everyday. Even when they had pellets, they still at super fast! Should I give them more vegtables??

lol Ha!Ha!Hohoh...I have two precious girls named Cuddles and Buttercup. They have "owned" me since they were babies, at 6 weeks old, and they just recently celebrated their 1 year old birthdays ! Buttercup scoffs down her food:eek: (she is my dominant piggie) all at once, and my other sweetie Cuddles, takes her time...she prefers to eat in smaller amounts.

I give my girls meals twice a day, breakfast and dinner....and sometimes a mid-day snack ! Sometimes when Buttercup eats I have worried in the past about her "choking" on her food she is so funny ! Don't worry as much about their pellets ( other than making sure you are providing quality PLAIN pellets, no mixes, seeds or dried fruit bits) for it is the least necessary part of their diet.

If you need to know what is the best pellets and hay to give...just ask and I will surely help you out !:)
Thank you! I do have a bag of oxbow hay, I'm hoping my local pet store has their food too. I'm mean, that would just be plain weird if they had their hay but not the pellets. :) My dominant female is the one who eats super fast too! LOL She is the fat blonde one. I guess other girl is kinda of like Cuddles, she takes her time...well at least more than Padame!
Oxbow is a really good brand. If they sell their hay, I think they should surely have pellets too. Though Oxbow is more readily available, and is now thankfully sold in some stores, I changed over to Kleenmama's Hayloft due to certain ingredients that were noticed by some long time members on here that I trust completely ( like bpatters, pinky, foggycreekcavy, lissie and many others..) in the newer version...like calcium carbonate and limestone. Don't really remember the other ingredients now. At any rate, Oxbow I believe is still in the top three that is best for them.
I am so sad...my dad brought home some guinea pig food. It was kaytee. :( At least it didn't have any colored bits or seeds or nuts in it. I know oxbow is is the best, but I just won't be able to get any for awhile. Any way, he got Kaytee Forti-diet (I know, I know, please don't give me a thrashing) which is probably better than some others. Still not happy, but you know. It does have vit. C in it, and it is naturally preserved so at least it has something in it if not anything else. It is made with hay too. (Probably their no-good hay, but you know) I will get oxbow the next time I go to the pet store!!!!
Don't beat yourself up for it, you mean well! Some people just grab whatever looks nice (what I used to do when I got my first gp) but you know what's good for them so it's all good :) When that runs out just buy what you know is good for them and it'll be fine.
RoxyandLilo you are awesome!
Well thanks! Right back atcha.
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