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Reference Easy Fleece Forest


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Aug 27, 2011
I've had a few people ask about the fleece forests I've made for my boys, so I thought I would post a thread for all to see. I was so tired of tying and untying all those fleece strips in order to wash but my guys love them so much I had to figure out something to make us all happy:crazy:! Here is a picture with directions to follow:

1. Cut a piece of fleece that is as wide as 1 grid and the length of 2 grids.
2. Fold fleece in half length wise.
3. Cut nine strips(evenly if you can:p) stoping about an 1/2 inch or so from the fold.
4. Unfold fleece and drape acoss 2 rows and pull the stripes down:cheerful:!

These are so easy to just pull off, wash and put back. You can make more or less panels depending on what your piggy prefers. I hope this helped and the directions are clear.
I love this idea - and our cage is covered anyway, so I don't have to add any grids. Thanks!
I just used some extra strips to make the traditional one and I was like "how the heck am I gonna wash these?" Haha so thank you so much for this great idea... If you hadn't of thought of it I'll bet I would have any day now...
Yeah, as soon as your fingers start hurting from all the tying and untying you would have wanted something different!
I just used some extra strips to make the traditional one and I was like "how the heck am I gonna wash these?" Haha so thank you so much for this great idea... If you hadn't of thought of it I'll bet I would have any day now...
I think I'm going to take my strips and try to sew them together to make something similar...
So simple, so genius.

My pigs and I thank you... I feel like such a fool for having individually cut and hand tied all of those darn strips of fleece now :eek:
Thanks so much! I just made a fleece forest tunnel(two bent grids attached with varying lengths of strips) so I'm going to adapt this for that. It took me an hour of tying haha!

Also, what is that you have on the side of your cage? Two shelves for them to jump on? How are they attached, and can your pigs jump out? Also do they like them/what do they do with them? I saw it and immediately wanted some lol!
Those are bent grids covered with those stretchy book covers, I found them at Walmart on clearence. They come in different sizes, so you want to make sure you get the big ones. The boys love their tunnels and none of them try to get out. They once made a grand escape because somebody:eek: didn't attach the bottom of one of the grids when remodeling. You know those silly piggies stood there and yelled to get back into the cage! I don't think they could climb on them even if they wanted to because it's so streachy.
Thanks! The green blended in, but I now noticed the tunnel shape on further inspection. Creative idea with the covers!
Love the fleece forests! Simple yet awesome. =D
Great idea! Can't wait to give this a go in my cage. Many thanks for the photos!
I forgot to tell you how I attached the grid tunnels:crazy:, sorry. Anyway, I just put a connector on the outside of the wall grid and slide thie fabric covered tunnel grid into the slot.
This is great! I am going to have to try this. Maybe I can save my poor abused fingers. :D
Wouldn't the pigs pull them out though?
Now that neat..Would love to see a movie of your piggies having fun in it..Thanks for sharing your forest with us. Is that there play area or is that where that there cage (house)..I only have room for a cage that not that big for the night..But during most of the day the are in free time on the floor on reusable pads..BUT do they poopcorn or run around when the have free time...No they mostly sleep in the cardboard boxes...You think then would run and have fun....I guess in there way they are..
I found this thread the other day and decided to see if my piggies would like it (most of the "toys" I have put before them they didn't use). So I took some of my scrap fleece and made this type of fleece forest then tweaked it a bit.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Easy Fleece Forest

[GuineaPigCages.com] Easy Fleece Forest

I did it this way so that there is fleece down every row (my piggies like to hide in it and run/walk through it turn around and do it again)
Oh, I love the way you threaded the fleece through the grid @LunaNLilly! It looks awesome from the top also!
hey bean the link wont work
I was just going to the same thing. However thank so much for the tip! I will definitely be using it. :)
great idea gotta try that
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