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Water Drinking water all the time.


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Jun 27, 2006
First let me say that if this thread is in the wrong place please move it where needed. I looked in the medical section but there was no prefix for water and none of the available prefixes seemed to fit what I wanted to ask about.

We have two young sows. Moo is 8 wks old and Lucy is 6 wks old. They both eat fairly well, other than being extremely picky about lettuces and they won't touch bell peppers. They both have alfalfa hay (oxbow) available 24/7 in a hay rack, they also have the young cavy pellets from oxbow and get veggies in the morning and evening. Also both have been gaining weight well, both gained just over 2oz in the last week.

The last week or so Moo has been drinking water almost constantly. She still eats well and there has been no change in her behavior. She still runs and plays, naps and then plays some more. She's nearly drained the water bottle in a day when before it could be refilled every other day and it, fortunately, is a bottle that hasn't leaked so I know it's her drinking and not water leaking out. When I noticed that the water was disappearing twice as fast I kept an eye on them to see what was going on and found that Moo is spending an extreme amount of time drinking and drinking frequently. Lucy's water intake seems the same.

Is this something I should monitor or nothing to worry about? We know for sure they are both females, 100% sure. They are in a C&C cage with everything they require available to them and then some. It's not hot in the house so I don't know if this is a symptom of something or just a thirsty pig.

I am diabetic, and I know that cavies can develop diabetes as well. I know that excessive thirst is a symptom of diabetes in humans but don't know if that goes for cavies as well, which is part of the reason I'm concerned. If I need to have her checked out I can get her in on Tuesday to our cavy vet.

Any advice/experience/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
How big a water bottle? My one year old sow will knock down 1/2 pint a day, depending on how much water she gets from vegies.

Offbeat humor part:

The local publican has switched her from porter to to ale and flagged her at 2 pints, lord knows how a cavy can carry money let alone order drinks, but I am looking into it! We do not need a repeat of last weeks back ally brawl between the rats and ghophers!
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It may just be the novelty of the water bottle, or something more serious.

One of mine drinks way more than the other one, and some days, it seems like she does nothing but eat a little, drink a lot, eat a little, drink a lot.

Excessive thirst can also be a symptom of diabetes in cavies, but if your pig is gaining weight, that's not likely to be the problem.

I'd keep weighing them daily and recording their weights so you'll know if she starts to lose. I'd also work on teaching them to eat lettuce and bell peppers -- that'll help keep them hydrated. If you'll search the forums for the word dice you'll find the instructions on how to do it several times.

If the excessive drinking keeps up, and she starts to lose weight, then it's time for a vet visit.
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