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Medications Doses?


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Feb 14, 2010
So Ozzy was on some antibiotics (Enrofloxacin), and when I was given the medicine I just assumed that the bottle would just contain only the doses that I needed to give him, which I assumed was 6 doses because on the bottle it says "Quantity: 6".

Now I've given him 6 doses of the stuff now, but there's still half of it left in the bottle.
The 6 doses would make sense, because his other medicine the quantity said "2" and there is definitely only enough for 2 doses in that bottle, and the timing works out to be that his second dose for that one would be given only a few days before I'm bringing him back for a follow up visit.

So, should I continue with the enrofloxacin? Or stop, because I've done 6 doses already?

I'd phone her and ask but I don't think she's in until tomorrow, and I don't want to give him an extra dose tonight if I shouldn't, but I don't want to skip a dose if I shouldn't!

I'm hoping that other vet offices structure things in a similar way so that maybe someone has some insight?
I'm confused. What was the baytril prescribed for? Are you giving pills or liquid?

If you're giving liquid baytril, the dose should be in mLs. Is it liquid? If it is, I'd guess the quantity is the number of MLs in the bottle. And if you've given 6 doses, at twice per day, which is typical, that would only be three days of antibiotics? That's not long enough to treat anything, I wouldn't think.
I think it was for an ear infection. I remember the vet saying it was for an infection, and I just assumed it was his ears (Because I went in for crusty ears and a couple of flaky spots, and she gave me ivomec which could have only been for his skin, so I'm assuming the antibiotics are for the ears.)

It is liquid, I've been feeding it to him by mouth with a syringe. The dose is in MLs, my bottle just says "0.4 mls by mouth daily.", but pretty much the only other information is the "qty: 6"
It's hardly worth giving most antibiotics for only three days -- you're just making the bacteria resistant to the A/B. Some of the new super drugs that humans take require only a few doses, but those are way too strong for guinea pigs.

I don't understand the quantity designation either. Here, we might get a bottle that says "15 ml" or "30 ml" and that would be the total amount in the bottle, but it doesn't usually tell you how many doses of liquid medicine you've got.

If he's not showing any signs of A/B intolerance, I'd keep giving it to him until I could talk to the vet. One more day shouldn't hurt, assuming you can talk to her on Monday morning and check it out, but interrupting the series will make the blood levels of the A/B drop, and will interfere with its action.
I haven't been giving for 3 days, I've been giving for 6 days.
She never said to give it twice daily, she calculated the dose by how much I'm giving per day.
Maybe I was supposed to split it into 2 and give it twice a day? No one ever told me that, if I am. I've been giving 0.4mls per day for 6 days so far, so when I said 6 "doses" i meant 6 days worth. The only off signs he was showing was eating more poops than usual for about a day and a half, but he's even stopped doing that now.

Sorry for causing so much confusion. :s
I'm starting to get really, really angry.
His ear infection is WORSE now, I just sat down with him and now he is shaking his head every few seconds, like a dog shaking off water, only with his head. And then sometiems wiping his face, and then wggling his face side to side, up and down, in weird circular, wobbly motions, and then wiping his face more, and then wiggling more.

I'm going to try cleaning the outer edges of his ears to see if maybe something's bugging him there. I've read about mineral oil being used, but I don't have any of that, would a damp q-tip with warm water be okay, as long as I'm careful that none of the water drips into his ear?

I also was just reading on guinea lynx and it CLEARLY says there that Baytril should be given once every 12 hours, but I was never told that. I just calculated the dosage on guinea lynx, and apparently I've been giving 10.2mg/kg every 24 hours, and guinea lynx says that the standard dose is anywhere between 2.5-10mg/kg every 12 hours. So I've probably been giving him only half of the antibiotics, which is why there's so much left over, because NO ONE TOLD ME THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GIVE IT TWICE A DAY. The bottle says daily. That is it.

Did I calculate the dosage wrong on the site? Or understand it wrong? 99% of what the site said went over my head, but all I see is that the numbers don't match, and I am extremely concerned because of this.

Ozzy weighs 2.16 llbs
I've been giving 0.4mls every 24 hours of a 25mg/ml enrofloxacin

I am going to be very, very mad if I have to drive 45 minutes to another vet because I paid this lady $62 to make his ear infection worse to a point that can cause permanent damage, if this head shaking is this "head tilt" that I've read about.

And I don't even HAVE time to take him to another vet because I work all day tomorrow, and it's too late to get my shift covered, and then have an exam in the evening and the vet would be closed by the time I'm home from my exam because tomorrow is a Sunday. And then all day, every day during the week I don't have a vehicle, and the only exotics vet I know of nearby is a half hour-45 minute drive.

I thought the vet I was going to was okay even though they weren't specifically an exotics vet, because they always checked for me when I schedule appointments to make sure that the doctor on duty was able to treat guinea pigs, and I know people who take their mice and hamsters there, too. So I thought that they must have a few doctors who specialize in exotic animals in their rotations that they make all of the exotic animal appointments with.

I feel really, really stupid for trusting this vet, and not reading about baytril dosages first.
I don't know what to do, and I'm freaking out and crying like a baby right now.
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I apologize for the fact that this is my 3rd post in a row here, but just an update.

I gave him another dose today, even though I think the bacteria must be resistant to the antibiotics by now. Should I start dosing in 12-hour intervals like I should have been the whole time? Or would that just make it worse now? Is the fact that he's been on antibiotics for a week now going to harm him? Hopefully someone replies to this before morning when I have to go to work, that way I can give him a dose then if he should have it. (It will be more like 11 hours apart, is that okay?)

I also tried to clean his ears out a bit with a damp Q-tip, but he was noooot letting me. Every time I touched an area even relatively close to the inside of his ear, he would shake his head all over the place. I managed to clean up a few little flakes/chunks of dried ear-wax type stuff, but not a whole lot. I don't have any mineral oil, does that make the wax come off easier?

I think he must be in so much pain at this point, and I just don't want to let him suffer, but I don't know what to do and I just hate the fact that this all happened in the first place.
I keep missing the editing times on my posts!
I forgot to mention that I just read the guinealynx again, and the recommended mg/kg for my piggy is 6.1, but I just gave him another dose of 10.2!!!
that can't be good either, probably too strong, and not safe for 12 hour intervals either!
Unless, again I am wrong, I only half understand what guinea lynx is telling me.
Oh my gosh I feel so bad.
All I wanted to do was make him feel better and I just keep making everything worse.

I'm going to try to sleep so I don't go insane from stress.
Again, I'm really sorry for all of these replies in a row.
I just want to update with as much info as I can about the situation.
Take a deep breath -- you're not killing your piggy.

You did the math right as far as what you're giving him.

He won't be resistant to the antibiotics. That happens when you give them for too short a period of time, or start and stop repeatedly.

He does need the Baytril twice a day. If you want to keep giving it to him, I'd probably give half the prescribed dose twice a day until you can talk to your vet.

His ear infection may not have cleared up because it doesn't respond to Baytril and needs some other antibiotic. The vet would have to do a culture and sensitivity test to know which one would work, and it's not good for your pig not to have an antibiotic until the results come back. It's similar to treatment in humans, or at least the way it used to be -- you went in to the doctor with a sore throat, they did a T&C to see if it were strep but put you on some antibiotic in the meantime. If the T&C showed that the organism didn't respond to the A/B you were on, they called with another prescription. It took 3-7 days to get that information.

Your vet practice likely has one or two vets who are interested in exotics but who have no special education or clinical experience in caring for them. They probably don't see enough exotics to have all the differences between them and cats/dogs firmly in their minds. Your vet may have made a mistake in prescribing Baytril only once a day, or maybe she didn't know it should be prescribed twice. But if you don't have a good exotic vet handy, your best bet is to keep working with her and try to educate her. BTW, the Bayer site doesn't specify how often oral Baytril is to be given, but the summary of medications in small rodents on the VIN (vet information network) says twice a day. That link is here: Drug Therapy in Pet Rodents.
Phew, okay. Okay.
This is what happens when things like this pop up in the middle of exam season. Too much stress.

did you mean still giving the 0.4mls in total each day, so 2 doses of 0.2 mls? And going from the 0.4 once a day to that won't have any negative effects, right?

I'm watching his this morning, and he doesn't seem to be shaking his head as much as he was before, or not at all anymore because I haven't seen him do it at all so far.

I'm going through all of my vet papers, and one of my older piggies, Fonzie who passed away last year had a doctor who I think is this lady's husband actually because they have the same last name. He was also prescribed Baytril, and I think it -was- for twice a day because I remember one of his prescriptions was for once every 12 hours. I might look into seeing him next time I have to go in if I can.

Also I am going back for Ozzy's follow up appointment next week for sure after his last dose of ivomec this week. Do you think if I keep doing the twice daily dose of the medication, and his head shaking doesn't come back he would be fine until I go back then? Or should I definitely see someone sooner because of this whole fiasco? I might be able to get in sometime this week if they have one of them working during the evenings.
Splitting it twice a day shouldn't be a problem. You're still giving what your vet prescribed, and you're within the GL guidelines for dosing.

If he doesn't seem to be shaking his head today, it's fine to wait. Just keep an eye on him, and if he gets worse, then you can go to the vet.
I just want to add that some vets do prescribe Baytril for once a day. I've done it both ways.
And now Ozzy's not eating anything on his own except for lettuce, and Stanley's poops.

Should I start hand-feeding him with a syringe at this point until I can get him to the vet? (Hopefully tonight) Or should I keep giving him lettuce, and encourage him to eat his hay and pellets on his own?

I'm assuming I should definitely stop the antibiotics at this point, he's been on them for more than a week now, could this all be caused by him being on them for so long?
Shoot, I just tried filling one of my extra syringes (I only have 1cc) with mashed up pellets and even when I cut off the tip, the opening is too small to push the mash out the end. Should I just give him lots of lettuce? I assume he's getting at least a little bit of fiber from Stanley's droppings. I can't get to the vet for at least another 3-4 hours!
You can water down the mash quite a bit to help push it out. I usually cut off the whole end of the 1cc syringes.

Yes, stop the antibiotic until you see the vet. He may be intolerant to it, which would be why he stopped eating.
It was pretty watered down, anything that wasn't pure liquid was getting stuck. I cut off the whole end of the syringe, so I just have to be careful not to push the plunger out the other end now, but it will have to work.

Hopefully he doesn't hate being fed pellet mash as much as he did the medicine!
Update time!

I was able to get him to the vet sooner than I expected.
She didn't think it was related to the antibiotics because other than the fact that he hasn't been pooping much, his poops have been normal (ie. no diarrhea), and he's been on it for a week and hasn't reacted badly up until now.

It has been over a week since he started his antibiotics, and I forgot to ask her (it was a different doctor) whether he can come off of the antibiotics now. Do you think it's okay to stop giving them to him now? (I was her last appointment today, so I can't call in and ask her. I'm hoping for a mod response on this one because she was the only doctor who treats guinea pigs on duty tonight). I don't know if it's worse to skip a dose, or if it's worse to keep giving them to him when I A) don't even know how long I'm supposed to be giving them and B) I'm scared the antibiotics might be whats upsetting him, even if the doctor didn't think that's what it was.

She prescribed Metoclopramide for twice a day, and Ranitidine for twice a day, both for 5 days, and then recommended that I get him some vitamin C tablets since he won't eat his peppers, and since his skin is still flakey it might be contributing to that. She said if he still isn't eating on his own by tomorrow, or the day after to bring him back in. She also sent me home with a lovely veggie chart similar to Ly's, in regards to getting him enough vitamin C!

She said to keep giving lettuce to him, and keep trying to feed him the pellet mash from the syringe if I can, basically to make sure that he is always pooping. Is it possible to feed too much lettuce in one day? (It's romaine lettuce.)

With the tablets she said that the ones at he drugstore made for kids are safe as long as I cut them up to give him the right amount, and they have flavored ones that guinea pigs tend to really like. I also know that Oxbow has Vitamin C tablets as well, and I'm wondering which ones I should give? I read that the ones made for kids usually have a longer shelf life than the Oxbow ones.

Right now Ozzy is sleeping, I'm assuming from the stress of going to the vet, and then being fed two new medications. He had some lettuce after we got home, but has pretty much been sleeping since his meds were done. (About a half hour now, I think)
Vitamin C tablets are vitamin C tablets are vitamin C tablets -- all ascorbic acid, unless they're part of a multivitamin, and then they're not recommended. The ones for kids likely have some additive to make them taste better, and your pigs may or may not care.

Normally, yes, you can feed too much lettuce. But if you have a pig that's not eating, getting food into it takes precedence over all other rules. I'd especially try to get it interested in hay, but I'd feed it whatever it would eat. One word of caution, though -- a good many owners have had pigs develop sludgy urine from feeding romaine lettuce. So if you're going to be pushing lettuce, I'd switch to red or green leaf. Some pigs do fine on romaine, others don't. But you don't want to run the risk of stones with all the other stuff that's going on.

Since you forgot to ask the vet about continuing the A/Bs, I'd give a dose tonight and then call first thing in the morning to see if I should continue it or not. You're doing a good job of watching him closely, and can take him in if he goes downhill. But he sounds like he's doing well, and I'd rather continue with what you've been doing than to skip a dose.
I'm really really nervous about giving him another dose though.

He's started to get a little lethargic, he's pretty much been laying in the same spot since we got back from the vet, he ran out of the cage to chew on a little cardboard tunnel that I have in their floor-time area, and I got super excited because when they chew the cardboard they usually eat it, but as soon as I started dumping pellets into his bowl and adding more to the hay in hopes that he would chew on those, he ran back to his hidey and promptly plopped himself back in his spot.

I had no idea romaine could do that! He's still been drinking his water though, and he did try to pee all over the vet and she commented on the fact that his urine looked healthy. Would it be safe to feed him a leaf/half a leaf of romaine every couple of hours through the night just to make sure that he's eating something? Because Romaine and cilantro are the only two things I have that he will eat. I'm having a rough time with syringe feeding him food, he's probably only gotten about 2mls of mashed pellets today altogether, but 3 or 4 leaves of romaine and 5 or 6 sprigs of cilantro, and a handfull celery leaves spread throughout the day.

Is that okay? I've read that they need to be hand fed 12-16 mls of mash every 3 or 4 hours! It takes me 5-10 minutes, with my mom holding him down, and then me trying to open his mouth and get his head to stop moving to feed him just a single 1cc syringe of mash, and even then part of that ends up all over his face!

I've been trying with the hay, but he just sits there with his mouth closed, or even turns his head away from it. I've also tried feeding him individual pellets, and this morning he would kindof test them out, and then decide not to eat them, but now he just turns his head at them. I even tried offering him the bowl of mash itself to see if it was somehow more appetizing than pellets, and he didn't take to it either. (Stanley was very curious about the mixture, though.)
He was starting to perk up for awhile, and the last time he ate was a little over an hour and a half ago so I just went to grab him another leaf of lettuce and he won't even take that from me anymore!

I'm so worried, he's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to hand-feed with a syringe even with my mom holding him down for me, and she's asleep now.
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