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Fleece don't know how to sew but want to use fleece


Cavy Slave
Apr 15, 2012

I'm new here and am preparing a nice home for 2 little girls I am rescuing in 2 weeks :)

I am purchasing a large C&C cage and I want to line it with fleece - I've been reading a lot and will probably go with newspaper on bottom, Uhaul liners in the middle and fleece on top. I don't sew and am blown away by the talent shown here!! For those who don't know how to sew how do you set up your cage so everything stays put?? Does anyone know if I can purchase these amazing fleece liners from anyone?

Thanks for your help!
You can find liners on Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies and PiggyBedSpreads.com Making Your Guinea Pig's World a Beautiful Place!. They cost around $60 though, and I would make them myself for about 10 dollars. Wait, why do you need to know where to buy liners if you are going to lay down Fleece and padding and newspaper and not make a liner?

Don't use newspaper on the bottom. It will become very nasty very quickly. If you are going to use U-Haul pad, you will HAVE to sew-- It will shred in the washer and dryer unless you sew it in between 2 layers of something else.

It won't stay put most likely if you don't sew, but I used to just lie down Fleece on top of 2 beach towels. Now I have liners made of Fleece, U-Haul pad, and Fleece again.

Good luck!
I also haven't sewn anything yet. My cage has changed many times and I knew it would but I think we're happy with this set up and I'm getting ready to sew. I also just clip my fleece with binder clips (but I clip mine to the cage since I don't use coroplast... yet). I'm not sure about the uhaul pads b/c I use 2 layers of towels and then wipe my water proof layer down with homemade citrus enzyme cleaner. I would suggest clipping it to the coro to prevent burrowing. Maybe you can ask someone you know to sew the uhaul pads or now might be the perfect time to learn :)
I haven't sewn any of my layers together. I use one layer of fleece on top, two layers of uhaul furniture pads on the bottom.

The uhaul pads shed a lot during the first few washes. Now they don't shed anymore. I've been using this setup for a little longer than a year and the pads have held up fine.
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Ditto what Zuidy said - skip the newspapers. The uhaul pads are enough to absorb any moisture. Newspapers are not absorbant and you end up with a big old sloppy wet mess.

You don't need to know how to sew to use fleece. You can use fleece blankets and use binder clips to attach them to the grids or the coroplast itself. I've also used velcro to stick two overlapped pieces of fleece together.
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Can you just buy the pads from U-Haul?
Can you just buy the pads from U-Haul?
Yes you can, google uhaul, go to their locations page, search for a location near your zip code and the ones with "packing supplies" listed are ones that sell them.
Thank you for all your help! I'm going to do Uhaul pad on bottom then fleece on top - binder clips to the colorplast. excited to pick out fleece :)

any suggestions re: litter tray & hay racks are welcome. I like the Rubbermaid shelf saver hay rack idea - and place the litter trays right below the hay rack. What do you put in your litter tray?

Thanks again! I want to learn as much as a can before the girls arrive! I have 2 human children - now I am going to be a mommy again to 2 furry girls! ;)
Most people use care fresh in the litter pans. I hear that shavings like to stick badly to the fleece and care fresh is easier to get off.
I use wood pellets or paper based pellets in the kitchen area.
i;ve actually had great success using a small cat liter box. i cut a small little doorway in one side. i cut a piece of u-haul pad and place in the bottom. then i lay some fleece on top of that. i actually sewed a fleece "mat" with the fleece and a layer of pad, but you don' have to. i end up changing that maybe 2-3 times a week. i leave their hay in there and they poo and pee alot in it, but it's easy enough to shake out and change when needed.
I haven't sewn any of my layers together. I use one layer of fleece on top, two layers of uhaul furniture pads on the bottom.

The uhaul pads shed a lot during the first few washes. Now they don't shed anymore. I've been using this setup for a little longer than a year and the pads have held up fine.

This makes me feel better - after reading other posts I was afraid to get the uhaul pads in fear of ruining my washer and having shreds of materail instead of a nice pad. You just throw your uhaul pads in the washer "naked" - nothing to protect them/cover them and they are fine, huh? I'm liking this! Do you put them in the dryer, too? thanks for the tips!
Yes, I throw them in the washer "naked". Also dry them in the dryer.
Hi! I am new here but have loved and kept guinea pigs most of my 45 years of life. I currently have 6 piggies for which i have made "No Sew" fleece liners. It's really pretty simple, not perfect but has been working great for me. I just basically tied the fleece and towels together with pieces of fleece. I will try to post some pictures.


fleece liners 001.jpg fleece liners 002.jpg
So when I make my next liner I don't have to see if I use uhaul pad? And I don't have to make an envelope around the pad?
Hi Zuidy, well uhaul pads are probably better than just fleece and towels, but this way was easiest for me since i can't sew a stitch LOL! And i do clean their cages every other day so that helps. I would love to get some of those fancy well made liners someday though.
@cavylover444 can you post real directions on how you make your liners - they look lovely!!
Hi jacqueline, thanks for the nice comment. I will try to explain how i made my liners. First you need the approiate size fleece for your cage size, and of course a towel the same size. Lay them out together on top of each other. I cut 6 inch strips about an inch wide of fleece and using scissors i poked holes through both fleece and towel and put the fleece strips through each hole and then just tied them. I hope this helps!
thanks for sharing this. just a couple of quick questions if you don't mind. is that all it takes to keep them together? when you put them in the wash, do you separate them? how many strips per side do you use?
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