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Don't Feel Babies Moving, Mom Has Tiny Poo


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Aug 7, 2010
Mama seems to be doing fine, but when she comes out to us we aren't feeling the babies moving. When she poos it is very tiny, like hamster poo or something. She's huge and I'm not sure when exactly she is due we've been waiting around for 2.5 weeks for her to have them because she has been so big. Any ideas?
Take her to the vet, I think is the best you can do, I never had a pregnant pig but thats what I would do
Thank you, I was hoping those with pregnant pigs or experience with them would respond too, as I wanted to see if this was normal.
My boyfriends mom had a pregnant guinea pig, she had her babies a month ago. So cute!
Anyways, she got really big, and I mean BIG.
What my boyfriends mom was telling me that, when a human is pregnant the baby slows down when it gets close to the birth, so you don't feel kicks or anything.
What we both assumed, as this was the case with Bandent (the pregnant momma), when the babies didn't kick or moved around, we thought perhaps guinea pigs are like humans, and once it's close to the birth they slow down.
I'm not sure if this is exactly true, but thats what happened with Bandent. About 2 weeks after the babies started showing little moment as the days went by, she finally had her babies.
I'd say give her a week or so, perhaps 2 weeks. If she is really big, and there isn't much movement I'd say she's about ready to pop.
Of course I'm no expert, so I would suggest taking her to the vet to get an expert opionion.
I'm only explaing my own experience.
Hope I at least helped a little.
Oh about the poop thing, I'm no expert on guinea pig poop, but I'd take he to the vet if her poops are getting smaller. It can be a sign of dehydration. But I`m sure she`s just fine, but do get her checked out regardless.
Again, I hope I`m of some help :)
Hi, thanks for the ideas. I will call the vet tomorrow, she seems ok right now. The poo is small but I thought it might have to do with the babies taking up so much space, no?
Just wondering what happened with your piggy. Did she have the babies yet, and if so how long was it after the babies weren't moving?
I haven't felt Rose's babies moving since a couple days ago and she is huge. I know she is at day 68 today (long story), and I really thought she would have them by now since she is so huge.
So just thought I'd check and see what happened with yours and if you have any advice? Thanks!
Hi Geekerbell,
Unfortunately it didn't go well for us. A couple of days before she delivered we stopped feeling the babies move. After that she seemed to just sit there, not move around much for the next day and a half. That night I got down to check on her and there was blood and fluid, after several hours she delivered 4 HUGE babies all stillborn.

It was a back to back pregnancy though, so try not to worry that it is the same with your cavy. I had heard from others that the babies stop moving much the last couple of days so we did have hope, I also heard from others that they never even felt the babies moving.

I believe the first baby got stuck, but we aren't sure what the actual problem was, could have been a few things. The vets weren't much help when we called in the birthing process, so we were stuck home with her. She did great and I was able to help her deliver once she got the first one's head out.

Just be there for her and clean their faces as soon as possible. Good luck and let me know what happens, it will definitely be soon.
Rose is a back to back pregnancy also, which is the reason I have been so anxious and stressing over it the whole time.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. And I am so sorry about the babies.:sorry:
Thanks, and I wish you much luck. If you have anything you want to talk about with her, or you are freaking out at some point, feel free to call me. I'll pm the number.

I felt more bad for her, going through all of that for nothing. But the next day we got the email about the babies and now they all seem to be helping each other. I can't even tell you how many times I've thought of emailing the person responsible for her getting preg this second time and telling her off. But everything happens for a reason, or atleast I try to believe that.
I cant figure out how to start a new post so i will add on to this one. I have a guinea pig that is about 65 days pregnant. I had actually witnessed the act being done so I know how far along she is. Her pelvis has widened to about as wide as my thumb (I have normal sized woman hands). She is very lazy and drinking alot of water. She had diarrhea twice but I think it may have been because I gave her cucumber. She is fine now that I took that away and gave her more hay to eat. I am just wondering why she hasnt had her babies yet because he stomach is huge. She looks as if she will pop if they grow anymore. The babies are also moving much less due to being so big with such little space. Does anybody know how long it should be after her pelvis has seperated that she will give birth? Your info would be very helpful.
I have a guinea pig that is about 65 days pregnant. I had actually witnessed the act being done so I know how far along she is.

Have you separate the dad? If not, please do so now. She can get pregnant again right after giving birth.

I don't have an answer for you about how long it would take. But I think being lazy and diarrhea are not good signs. Is there an emergency cavy savvy vet that you can take her to in case you need to?

Have you read these pages?
Breeding Guinea Pigs
They say that after the pelvis bones spread it usaully takes 24-48 hours before babies are actually born. So it may still be a day or 2 left for her. Although, 3-4 days is not uncommom.

If she is not showing signs of stress, toxcemia, or any other signs of pregnancy complications then let her rest, she will have them when she is ready.

(How to post) At the top of each forum section and bottom left their is button that says new thread you can click on that to post a new thread. I hope I explained that right.
I took dad out a week ago. She is not really lazy but mostly only moves around for food. But what I noticed just now is that she can't reach down to eat her poo so she does it and turns around so she can eat it but I think that might have been what I had mistaken for diarrhoea because she got it on her foot. And I do have a vet for her
She can hold them till 70 days, so she is probably very close. Usually they deliver within a day or two of the pelvis widening but there is no promise. She will have them soon, just try to be there if you can.
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