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Fighting Dominant piggies?!


Cavy Slave
Apr 24, 2012
Hello! I'm a new guinea pig owner (of 2 little girls). I got both of them when they were around 8 weeks old and they got along perfect. One of them ended up getting sick and had to be separated for 2 weeks. Today I was so excited to reuinte them and when I did it looked like they were getting along until they started "fighting". They were chasing eachother, little squeals could be heard. It scared me to the point that after the third time of them doing this I separated them. Right now they are in a 3x5 guinea pig cage but split. They can still hear, smell, and see eachother. I want them to be able to sleep/play together like they use to. Any advice??.. I greatly appreciate it!!

P.S. Their personalities are complete opposites.. one is very timid and laid back while the other is a little wild thing. The wild one seems to be squeaking trying to get to the other. It breaks my heart!
You need to reintroduce them. Read Guinea Pigs Social Life -- the introductions section is about halfway down. But when you put them together, leave them alone unless one is being bitten or harassed to the point that she can't eat -- you won't help the situation at all if you take one out just because she's squealing.
I just read the social life page and think I will try that tomorrow! I sure hope it will work!! Thank you so much!
Sometimes if you have a neutral area to do a re-introduction in helps. Pick a safe floor time type neutral space, toss in some veggies and keep an eye on them for a bit. You can also clean out the whole cage so it doesn't smell more like one pig vs the other and sometimes giving them a bath together and putting a TINY bit (like touch the rim TINY) bit of vanilla extract so they both have the same scent before putting them in their cage together might help. Good luck.
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