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Dominance Dominance - floor time vs. cage time


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Feb 5, 2012
Well, it appears my two 6 month old boars are officially into puberty, but it seems like it comes out mostly during floor time. There seems to be a lot more scent marking lately and I'm pretty sure one of them sprayed the other one in the face. They do a really funny dance where it's like they are chasing each other with their rear ends. I'm not around them 24 hours a day, but they sure seem to be much calmer in their C&C cage.

Anyone know what about floor time would bring out their dominance issues?

Also, do any of your piggies get jealous when another pig is getting petted?
My boar teens are just around 5mo but they also show more issues during floortime. They get more pushy with my 2yr old boar as well. I have no idea why. They have a big cage now though so floortime isnt a regular thing but I know when I had my teens in a to small store cage they fought less in the cage and more on the floor in their big playpen! So your boys arn't the only ones. I can only guess as to why but maybe because its new territory in a sense they feel the need to defend and stake their claims? While in their cage they have more defined "my space" and "your space". Just guessing though!

And my abby gets jealous. Oh boy when I first brought Bear, my reascue, home, Porcupine turned into a diffrent pig! Since I was spending a lot of time getting Bear used to being in a loving home Porcupine got mad. He would wheek for attention constantly no matter how much I gave him and boy oh boy if I didnt hold him first I would not hear the end of it! He's a little better now....but I still get attitude if he doesnt get attention first.
Whenever they are in a new area/situation, they probably feel they need to assert dominance again.
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