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Chewing Doesn't Seem To Be Chewing On Anything...


Cavy Slave
Jan 6, 2012
I've put a few wooden chews, as well as cardboard paper towel rolls into the habitat, but he doesn't seem to be chewing on any of them. He moves them all into his little igloo with him, but every time I clean the cage there aren't any bite marks in them. It seems like he's just been cuddling with the wooden chew toys I guess. I've been feeding a cup of fresh veggies a day, and he loves baby carrots so I'm hoping that's helping his teeth a little. Should I be worried that he's not chewing on anything?
mine won't chew on wood either. the vet said it was not a big deal so I am hoping that it is okay.
Unlimited hay is the most important thing for their teeth and their digestive system also. SO it's a win win! I unfortunately don't have this problem, my girls taste everything at least once, everything. But yeah, as long as you provide hay and he is eating enough his teeth shouldn't be an issue. In my case I provide tons of chew toys for entertainment more than chewing.
They're not big chewers, although they will chew if something tempts them. As long as they've got unlimited long strand hay and are eating it, they'll be fine.
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