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*****Does whine vineger work for cleaning?(answer asap)*****



*****Does whine vineger work for cleaning?(answer asap)*****

I'm cleaning my cage right now and i don't have any white vineger right now (i'll get some for next cleaning but for now i don't have ne). And i'm wondering if whine or balsamic vineger (isn't in title b/c i didn't think that would would) would work on disinfecting to cage safely? Or are there some other safe household materials that would work for cleaning safely.

Re: *****Does whine vineger work for cleaning?(answer asap)*

I would stick with just half plain vinegar and half water.

Don't use any household chemicals - I don't think any of them are safe.

I just dumped to old bedding and replaced and didn't disinfect this time. By the next time i clean it i will have white vineger so i won't be a problem

and thanks for the info


Re: thanks

I'm glad to hear others are using the white vinegar/water solution in cleaning cages. Teresa invented a magical deodorizer! I use this method all of the time when cleaning cages, and it works wonders! Don't know if any other vinegars, besides white, will work, tho. But it's worth a try :D
Venigar as cleaner

We have so many dogs and we also use this Venigar/Water solution, Of course it works well with cavies also. When I was in the 4th grade Our Home-economics teacher teaches us laundering and de-staining table mats, bed matresses and underwear (lol) with some of that solution as it acts acid-to-acid.

Teresa actually didn't invent that, its done for centuries and even Queen victoria discusses this thing when she teaches students from Eton the day she visited the school on how to look for after a pet, she got a peckingese then.

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