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Cage does anyone know how to build a cage??


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Nov 26, 2011
i'm asking....does anyone know how to build a cage without using C&C??
i would like any suggestions.....
thanks in advanvance...:):)
ok thanks (broken link removed)(broken link removed)(broken link removed)(broken link removed)
but..i thought piggies like to nibble on something hard??
If you provide them with unlimited hay, they shouldn't nibble on things as much. Also if you build the cage high enough, your pigs should not be able to reach the edge of the wood to be able to chew on it.
can you upload the picture of your cage so i can have some ideas??
Building a wood cage is a lot harder than C&C. I used to have C&C but wanted something that looks more like furniture.

Here are pictures:
does anyone know how to build a cage??

does anyone know how to build a cage??

does anyone know how to build a cage??

(broken link removed)

See more ideas in the gallery.
Alternative Cages

I like these, and I think they would be easy to build.

Garage shelving/gardening wire - Guinea Pig Cage Photos

Connected Playpen Cage on Worktop - Guinea Pig Cage Photos

New Cage! - Guinea Pig Cage Photos

our latest settle - Guinea Pig Cage Photos

This one is made from a bed.
"Bed cage" - slightly redone, picture 1 - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
your piggies's cage looks like a shelf!!
i think i will do my piggies's cage like yours^^
and thanks for the pictures (broken link removed) !!
You're welcome.
I've seen some people convert Ikea shelves into cages. You might like these pics.
- Schwedisch

I personally think the Ikea shelves are too narrow, they could work if you double them up.

Here are some more cage ideas.
- Bodengehege

By the way, I don't know German. I just look at the pictures.
thanks again^^
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