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Parasites Does anyone have experience with coccidia?


Cavy Slave
Jan 22, 2012
It was detected in one of my pigs during a routine fecal analysis when I took her in for a UTI, and it is assumed that the other one has it too. My pigs have no symtoms, but the vet is treating them with 2 five-day cycles of bactrim. She instructed me to clean everything throughly afterwards, but I googled for more info and it seems to be nearly impossible to get rid of, since almost nothing kills the spores. And would they not just continuously reinfect each other as they are always hanging out in their poop? If we can't get rid of it, what are the consequences, as neither of them seems to be ailing from it now? Answers, anyone?
I was going to suggest Metronidzole as well. Also called Flagyl.
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