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General Does anyone have cool ideas for cages?


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Nov 12, 2011
Do any of you have some really cool looking and fun things for your piggie cages? because im re building my c and c cage and i want some new things that my piggies will like? And im horrible with ideas. i know for sure its to have a pretty big loft and a BIG fleece forest.
I'm interested in this as well, as Ginger's cage seems so boring to me...I've always dreamed of a big fleece forest. Maybe I'll make her loft just a big fleece forest lol
I need creative ideas too. (But have time to peruse until I can build my cage.) I was thinking of an L shape, like piggiepigpigs once had on You Tube. But apart from that, I think I'm stunted for creativity. :D
How do people build ramps for lofts?
Arcangel, there are lots of ways to build ramps. I made mine out of coroplast but some people bend a couple of grids into a U shape, zip tie them together and put some cardboard and fleece or something similar on the walking surface. I've seen all kinds of clever ramps in pictures here. Have a look around at the pictures and you'll get some ideas. As far as other things go, my girls are kind of lazy and seem to most enjoy a variety of comfy places to rest so I mostly concentrate on making things out of fleece, like the fleece forest and a snuggle sack and I crocheted a bed which ended up being more of a pillow. I'm thinking of making a fleece tunnel too. Pigs seem to enjoy tunnels of all sorts. The best way to get ideas is just to look at other people's cage pics.
I'm a huge fan of piggiepigpigs on You Tube. Towards the beginning of her "career" in movie making (aka, towards the start of her You Tube videos :p) she had ramps. She used cat scratching posts- the kind that come on a single board. (I'll post a link below.) I've also seen people take sturdy rope or some sort of fabric they can grip onto and apply it to a wooden board.

You can see the scratching pad thing I'm talking about within the first few seconds of this video.

Quick Piggie update - happy piggies after a cage clean! - YouTube
yeah i like piggiepigpigs
Every time I see one of these I want to buy it and make it a ramp for my GPs but there's no point because they can't have a second level right now and I'm thinking it might just be better to expand the cage width wise instead of having a loft.
When I finally get to update my cage, I've decided to do plexi glass...I don't mind the grids, but I am tired of the way it looks in my spare room. I am thinking of going and buying an organizer unit (from walmart, a wooden one with all the cupboards and shelves to make the base of the cage, and then use coroplast and plexi glass. I plan on having gpigs for a lonnnngggg time so I think it's worth the investment. I just have to wait until we are settled in our own home, for now, the cubes and coro work alright.
You could add tunnels around the edge of the cage. I love tunnels, but I don't use them because my piggies are claustrophobic. You could organize it into "rooms", for example, you could have the loft be the kitchen area with their food and everything in it, the under the ramp part could have their toys in it, and the open area their bedroom with their cozies and hideys in it.
I keep hearing the term "fleece forest". What is that?

@(broken link removed) seems like under the shelf would be a good place for hidey houses. Why would you want to put the houses out in the open? :?:
I don't know, just an example. Besides, if you had to shoo the pigs out of the hidey for some reason, it would be a lot easier if they weren't under the loft. But it might just be me who ever has to shoo my piggies out of their hideys.
Blue, I'm not a piggy owner yet. No experience, therefore I can only understand what I picture in my head. I have experience with piggies, but they weren't in c&c's and they were really timid. Probably something I'll learn along the way, but until then, I'll be "badgering" people with questions. ;)
I've seen some pretty awesome bunk beds on this site. I've never tried them with my pigs yet, but they look really cool and some pigs seem to enjoy them.
Bunk beds? I might have seen what you're talking about, but if I did, I didn't know what they were called... what are piggy bunk beds?
Bunk beds? I might have seen what you're talking about, but if I did, I didn't know what they were called... what are piggy bunk beds?

boofp makes some pretty neat bunk beds. So does kathlaaron. Maybe search their user names in the search box and you can see some pictures. Or try searching bunk beds. They are just raised little raised areas, but smaller than lofts.
CritterLuvva, here are a couple pictures of my fleece forest which my piggies love to hang out in. There are various ways to do them, this was just my way. [GuineaPigCages.com] Does anyone have cool ideas for cages?[GuineaPigCages.com] Does anyone have cool ideas for cages?
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