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General Does anyone else....


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Cavy Slave
May 19, 2012
Miss their piggies terribly while at work?

I work the night shift sometimes and that's when mine are super active. I think I am becoming crazed. Lol but at least I have 5 days off to spend with my babies! I hope they are ready because tomorrow is Pigture day!
Sounds like a fun day!
When I'm gone all day I really start to miss my pigs, too. I practically run to to the living room as soon as I come through the front door! Luckily I'm light on my feet and can sprint quietly, so I don't scare the poor dears. :p
I do! I work odd hours, yay retail, so i miss them lots! And i worry to. They spend most of the day with at least one of my cats, and while i know that cats doesnt are about them, i worry about accidents. I wish i could just babysit them all day. Xp but i gotta pay for food somehow!
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