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Does anyone else worry obsessively over their piggies?


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Apr 29, 2012
I am constantly thinking about them and worrying they are unsafe, or hungry, or sick. I don't like leaving the house because I worry something will go wrong if I'm not watching them. I went on vacation for a week and left them with my capable neighbour, but the whole time I worried. I woke up crying one night because I had a dream someone broke into the house and killed them.

Does anyone else worry excessively over there pigs?
Yes! If I hear one sneeze I freak, Im going on a vacation for a week on sunday, Im worried.
I have frequent nightmares about harm coming to my piggies. I've always had terrible dreams,though.

The worst was when I got my first two pigs. I was convinced they were sick and I visited the vet many times in a single month. I'm sure I annoyed my vet. They had a clean bill of health every time. I'm sure my husband loved paying for all those visits,too! :D
I'm the same. Every little thing is a life threatening illness to me.
Yeah since i got my boys i've been constantly thinking about how i can make life for them even better to the point i am having headaches and now that we revamped their c&c cage i now need to chill.
Most of the time, I don't worry to much about them. However, on vacations, when they are boarded, I worry, have nightmares, and think constantly about them. That only happens for the first 4 days of so, and then, I'd find an animal that I end up bonding with. (Usually, my Uncle's kittens.)

I think that I tend to have I hard time separating with them.
I'm just worried every little thing will harm them, My mom gets upset with me over it even.
I always worry about them! I wash my hands obsessively before handling them so they don't get "sick. I also worry about leaving them with other people when I'm away. Any sneeze. cough, or weird noise I will sit by their cage and listen to their breathing.
Ohh to be more relaxed...
Nobody has to contribute to this if they're uncomfortable, but do any of you have an anxiety disorder? I feel that definitely plays into my worries.
I am so glad I am not the only one.

I am constantly checking little noses, eyes, and butts.
My heart stops when one of them is slow to come out of hiding when I rattle a bag or open their mini fridge.
I check on them first thing in the morning and first thing when I come home from work.
I drive my sitters crazy when I am out of town calling and insisting on picture updates.

But I feel a strong sense of responsibility to them. They are such a joy and I want them to live as long as possible and be as healthy as possible.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what would happen if something happened to me. My family would not take care of them. They love me but they are not rodent people. That scares me most of all. I wish I knew of someone locally that I could will them to.

So, yes. I can relate. I try not to obsess too much, but they depend on me and I have to take that seriously.
Nobody has to contribute to this if they're uncomfortable, but do any of you have an anxiety disorder? I feel that definitely plays into my worries.

I have a few obsessive compulsive and anxiety disorders. :p
I also have anxiety disorders. (My mom calls it "illogical thinking")
Me a BILLION times yes!!!:sorry: That's sad. I had a dream similar to yours, i had a dream that my dog Marley (my big german shepherd) came into the house one night (he lives outside because he stinks and is too big and harry for our nice house) and went and ate my guinea pigs! :weepy::(
I worry nonstop! Especially lately since I'm thinking of having the "baby" of the group neutered. After I had to rush him to the emergency vet For a bite I barely ate for two days, I was physically ill from the worry. If I really start to think about how worried I usually am I tend to freak a little. So many bad things that could happen. Reasonably they wont but I stress regardless. And I'm sure i have some sort of anxiety disorder or two but never been seen for anything.
I obsess over my son and my boars constantly. Hawkeye has always had the strangest wheek - almost airy - and yet is healthy as an ox. I have pestered vets over and over to make sure there was nothing wrong with him, including but not limited to if he has a URI, hay in his throat, teeth problems...the list goes on. I am checking their urine like a strange pee-hawk, but when I caught two of them coming down with a UTI I was on it like a crazy woman. There are no sick piggies in this house with my constant harping! :p I am also mildly OCD with a severe case of anxiety disorder, but that's a story in and of itself. PTSD makes you a bit jumpy with everything.
I've done that to, minus the mock evacuation. I've done the grab and run enough times with my cats i know the drill. We get tornados around here and we have the sirens go off a few times a year usually. I even bought a second carrier so I wouldnt have to put all three in one. When it starts to storm and I'm at work I grab my phone even though I work retail and am not allowed to have my phone on the floor. But I want to be accessible incase something happens and I'm not home. I wish I lived somewhere without major disasters. Would be one less constant worry.
After reading this I feel less crazy! I am the same way I worry worry worry. I think I have replaced babies (mine are "NOT BABIES" anymore as they keep reminding me) with piggies! But even the bird is beyond spoiled.....
I also am a worrier and suffer from anxiety. I have learned so much about guinea pig care on this forum, but also about all the things that can go wrong. Even when the girls are totally healthy and running around I still think about how they hide their illness and wonder what they are hiding.

I don't want to spend so much energy on needless worry so I am trying to make some changes in my thinking. I think it would be fun to start a thread on how other people handle stress and what techniques they use to calm their anxiety. We could learn a lot from each other.
Constantly! If I'm not home I drive my family crazy about checking up on my boys. During floor time I'm always paranoid one of them will get into something they shouldn't or get hurt some other way. It doesn't help that one of my guinea pigs died while I was sleeping...I knew he was ill, but I was so distraught to find out he died alone. Ever since then I wake up several times at night just to check on the little guys.
Anxiety and Worry

After reading "Does anyone else worry obsessively over their piggies", I realized I am not the only worrier who suffers from anxiety. Most of my worry is over my guinea pigs.

I know worrying is a waste of time and doesn't solve anything. Also my guinea pigs probably pick up on my anxiety. I am trying very hard to find ways to clear my mind and refocus my thoughts.

I find caffeine makes my anxiety worse, so if I do drink coffee, I make it decaf. I have also been exploring mindfulness meditation to calm my mind. I have only started working on this and it really does help. Also exercise relieves stress so I have been mountain biking in our local parks three days a week. We have some awesome single track.

Does anyone else have any techniques that work for them to help ease anxiety and worry?
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