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General Does anybody else...?


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Jan 16, 2012
Hi all! I get on here *almost* daily, see whats going on, maybe search a question, look at pictures etc. I just feel like I don't have much to offer on questions and advice, but when I feel like I have a little knowledge I offer it up (I mean, I have owned a guinea pig for a month now... almost an expert, right? :D ). I just don't want ya'll to think I've abandoned the people who helped me so much but I hate 'wasting' space on just a 'hey, we're all ok' kind of post. I do feel like I owe it to you though, since y'all helped and encouraged me and saved Juniper's life. I feel like he's everybody's pig!But I do have some questions. A fun question or 2 but also some legitimacy with actual questions since some of you out there have been raising piggers for a while.
#1 - Do you find yourself constantly re-configuring your cage? I think I'm still working out 'kinks' but my cage has changed shape every time I change the fleece. I know variety is the spice of life for the gp's so I'm not complaining. Plus it's fun, I get to play architect in this little world and then I get to put them back in and watch them explore it like they've been transported to another world.
#2 - Raise your hand if you've stood in a pet store and either talked people out of buying a guinea pig there or just told them about the C&C cage as they looked at the store cages?
#3 - I prepare a weeks worth of veggie bowls at a time. I spend about an hour washing and chopping and separating and mixing and measuring and then all I have to do is grab a bowl at mealtime (I do one bowl a day so I put the other half back in the fridge for the evening) So far I noticed that about 7 or 8 days is as long as the veggies will hold out before the lettuce starts to wilt and brown. I worried that the flavor from one thing (like the bell peppers) would take over but if they do, my piggies could care less! (I kind of hope this might actually help others but this is one of those things that if you've done it and found a down side, please tell me. So far it's working wonderfully for me though!)
#4 - Do you allow your guinea pigs to 'taste' or 'nibble' on you? I've read they sometimes like to lick so I've tried not to shy away when they sniff at my hands (and I do make sure they don't smell like veggies - I do like my fingers intact) but one of my guys 'mouthed' me. It definitely wasn't just a lick. I felt teeth but there were no marks left. So is this biting or are you just gonna feel teeth when they 'lick' or 'taste' or whatever it is? I've been a little shy about my fingers around him since then. But he didn't hurt me and he was actually completely relaxed, laying on my chest getting some loves. I just don't want it to progress into biting.
#5 - Tips on helping them relax during a nail trimming? (and mat clipping - Lenny came to me with a few mats and I'm slowly snipping them out b/c it is a little bit of a struggle with him)
That's about it. Juniper and Lenny are good. Juniper is little plumper compared to that wet mess of a pathetic little piggy he was that first night. He's the first one to remind me it's meal time. And when I'm late he stands there and fusses at me like an italian momma! They are in the room that connects to our garage and they both just wheek their heads off when we come in. I think it's sweet (even though I'm pretty sure they are just trying to get a treat) That's all I got for now. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. I made them separated kitchen areas that I was pretty proud of since I lined them with this scrapbook paper that looks like tall grass. I'll have to get a picture of that, too.Thanks!
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Glad to hear from you! I was wondering today how things were going.

1. That cage reconfiguration is one of the main reasons that I don't recommend that people start off with fleece. There's something about C&C that seems to bring out the architect in people, and some will do six or seven different configurations before they get one they like.

2. Yep.

4. I don't let them nibble or lick. I don't let puppies do it either. With puppies, it's just easier not to let them get into a bad habit than it is to break them of it. With the guinea pigs, I've been bitten once by accident and have no desire to repeat that -- their teeth are like razor knives.

5. Nail trimming takes two people at our house -- one to hold the pig and apply the carrot to the mouth, and the other to cut the nails.

We'd love to see pictures. And you're right, we do feel like Juniper belongs to all of us!
Bpatters, how are you?! Yes, I found that little gem of advice not long ago on a thread. I read it to my husband and cracked up at the 'apply carrot to the mouth' part! That's good stuff!

So far I have limited myself to the square of fleece I purchased for cage arranging, which I got big on purpose. I haven't done any cutting yet. Also why I haven't went looking for coroplast just yet either. My husband is even getting into it and working on a second level. Which scares me but we'll see. It sure is fun though! And I promise pictures will come! I wish I could get one of Juniper letting me know it's not ok to be late with his veggies. Bossy little thing.
Funny I was just thinking of you and Juniper yesterday and wondering how things worked out.

You might want to look at makeing the second level a half grid high, this provides a hiding space under and the grids extend full hight in relation to the upper floor. I used a piece of PVC pipe and cut slots at 12, 3,6 and 9 oclock that fit in the junction of the grid wires and supports the outer corner. I just bbinder clipped a scrap of fleece hanging down so piggy feels safe under that section.
I always let my piggies mouth me, I'm pretty tolerant of pain do it doesn't hurt (whereas my partner thinks it hurts) and between the mouthing are lots of licks. I think it's cute. Probably not a good idea to teach them it's ok to bite. I definitely pull my hand away and go 'ouch' if I feel any pain but they very rarely ever make it hurt. (mostly if they get ahold of the cuticle of the nail). My big girl has yet to nibble she just licks my fingers, she's huge I'd hate to feel her bites!
Stella constantly licks me. He used to nibble on me, but after me pulling away and saying "ow" quite loudly a few times, he completely stopped doing it. Now every single time I get him out of the cage and give him lap time, he licks my knuckles and will even try and lick my chin if he gets up close enough to my face. I don't encourage it by putting my hands by his mouth, but if he does it, I'm not too worried about it!
The pigtures I promised...


[GuineaPigCages.com] Does anybody else...?[GuineaPigCages.com] Does anybody else...?

Lenny!! He has a hypnotic effect on the cat...
[GuineaPigCages.com] Does anybody else...?

"Don't look now but I think there is a cat behind me"

I actually cut Lenny's 'bangs' this evening. Poor guy looked like he could barely see and now he looks like he has a mohawk.
Awesome pigs! So glad this has worked out for such a happy ending.
Mommazilla, I just read the whole story on Juniper because you mentioned something about him being "everyone's piggy" and what a wonderful story. I had a similar, but not so riviting an experience with my first GP, Auggie. My 1/2 yorkie dog actually found her in a vacant field where someone had dumped her. She was found by Zeb and my BF brought her home not knowing what she was in the back of his pickup truck. A couple hours earlier, he was at this same area when a lady with her 2 dogs found a Chinchilla in the same area. He found her in October and I am so thankful because the temps were getting pretty low then. People that dump defenseless animals should be drawn & quartered!

In your posts I see you think you might be stationed in Alaska. If you do, let me know and if you are coming to Anchorage I might be able to answer questions for you.

Glad you are Juniper & Lenny's Mom and good luck. PS, thank your husband for his service to us here in the US.
they are beautiful. I still need to get my pics on there. my peruvian was soooooo pretty and he has been barbed and looks funny. cute
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