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Play Do you think GP's remember thier friends?

SpazNMeos momma

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Dec 30, 2011
My friend Dot had my piggies at her place for a week or so while my family had the holidays. She has a single pig named Mr. Wiggles. My boys loved him. He honestly was the reason they came out of thier shell after we rescued them. Well Mr wiggles and his family left for vacation and were gone for about 2 weeks. I figured that my boys would forget about him. Well now that thier friend is back in town, he came over to visit and they are all sharing veggies and playing together. They completely remembered each other. Do you think its possible that they actually remembered him or do you think my boys are just very friendly piggys? Here is a pic of them all in the cage having a good time. Mr Wiggles is the big grey and white one. He doubles the size of my little Meo.

Do you think GP's remember thier friends?
Piggies in the wild live in herds. Their whole lives are shared with one another.
I know when they have a friend and lose that friend they grieve, can become depressed and very lonely. Yes, I believe they know and remember one another.

It must be very hard for Mr. Wiggles to bond to your boys and have them taken away. Your friend needs to get Mr. Wiggles a friend of his own. Being herd animals he needs one of his own kind. It is my opinion it is cruel to let him play with your guys and then be taken away from your guys. It is stressful for him and cause him to grieve. It can be stressful also for your boys to bond with Mr. Wiggles and be taken away. He really does need a friend of his own.
Ive told her that, im thinking about offering to help her extend the cage she has for him, maybe help pay for the cost. I hate that he is alone.
AWW that would be very nice of you do do that for your friend! Maybe you could even help her find a guinea pig too in your area from a rescue or online ad! :) that is what I did for my cousin when she was looking for a rabbit!
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