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Cage Do you keep your pigs in your bedroom?


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Aug 31, 2008
Hi there, I'm wondering where everyone keeps their guinea pigs. For those people who have piggies in their bedroom, what is it like? Are they super- noisy? Do you have to wear earplugs? If you had a choice, where would you put them?
I don't have my pigs in my bedroom, but they our in the office/guest room. My brother-in-law has spent a few nights in this room and they haven't bothered him. He said the only noise that he noticed was the water bottle early in the morning.

And yes, I do have to wear earplugs. My husband snores lol
I keep mine in my bedroom and they're absolutely fine. I thought they'd keep me awake at night but although they move around their cage a lot it doesn't disturb me. In fact, I find it quite comforting. My medication causes me to have vivid nightmares and I find that having the piggers there when I wake up brings me back to reality quicker. It makes me feel less alone, if that makes sense.
Well I only have one piggy so he is kept in the living room since that is where we spend most of our time. He is in here along with a rabbit, a hamster, a fish, and a dog crate. I like the fact that he is in here because I get to see him more that I would if he were in my bedroom.
When I get my two piggies I'm planning on having their cage in my room. I'm really excited about that
When I'm visiting my parents, the pigs stay in my room (do to the "barn smell" from the hay, and the fact that my parents have a dog). When I'm at my apartment most of the year, they are out in the living room, which is where I spend most of my time.

When they are in my room, yes they can be quite noisy. I have 4 girls and a neutered boy. The girls go into back to back, so my boy has about 4 to 5 busy nights in a row if you get my drift. That makes the girls squeal loudly, and the cage is placed right next to my bed. If it gets really bad, I have the option of crashing in the guest room for the night.
I have 4 girls and a neutered boy. The girls go into back to back, so my boy has about 4 to 5 busy nights in a row if you get my drift. That makes the girls squeal loudly

Oh my! I'm not sure if I'm prepared for that! I knew they went through the motions, but I didn't think it was that bad! Oh well. Too late to turn back now lol
Yes, i keep my piggies in my room which i put in a cage (not big or small, just have a plenty space for them). And they really make a lot of noises at night..used to. But then i discovered that keeping their evening busy playing around my room is another way to make them tired at night and less noises for me :)

Usually i let them play from 5.00 pm until 7.00 pm then i'll give their dinner, and after they finish their dinner i let them play again until 12.00 pm, then i just put their food in the cage, and usually they will go back to their cage to eat, and at that time i'll close the cage doors, and doing something else. Usually after having their midnight food, they'll take a nap and do less activities.
When I first got my pigs they were in my room. I am a very light sleeper so yes, they did keep me up at night. They kept popcorning and wheeking! Now they are in the living room.
I keep my piggies in the loft in my room, which is basically like their room because they have the fun of the entire space :D They don't make much noise at all aside from the occasional squeal from my older pig.
I have my 2 piggies in my bedroom. They don't keep me awake, but that might be because I have had a hamster in my room long before I got cavies. I might just be use to all the small rattles and squeaks. I have a fan, though, blowing on me to drown the noise out. = D
I have my piggies in my living room. When i had Sebastian in my room for quarantine he didn't keep me up at all. I hardly noticed him. I'm a fairly hard sleeper though, nothing wakes me up except maybe an earthquake. Both my cages are in my living room with one being visible from my bed and about three feet from my bedroom door. I can hear them every morning zooming around the cage. It's a cute noise and I like it.
I have my pigs in my bedroom. Every once and a while, they go crazy and squeal, burble, motorboat, and run around. It's like they have a crazy party in there.
Jojojo, I know how you feel! I have nightmares as well except I walk around and eat (freaky!). I used to have my hamster in my room, but the shuffling of shavings and chewing on the bars drove me nuts! I guess fleece would soften the noise a bit. I suppose having a noisy ham before getting pigs is a good idea.
We kept our piggies in the livingroom but after sweetheart gave birth I moved them into my bedroom so I could keep an eye on her and the babies and so the kids wouldn't be on the cage all day long. After mom passed we decided to keep the babies in here to monitor them as well.

Some time has passed and the babies are still in here and they are thriving, they aren't too noisy but Fudgy definitely lets his wants be known. I don't hear them at night but they do wake me up sometimes in the morning. Mostly Fudge (see a pattern?) will start chirping for breakfast or I will hear them rough housing or playing tag.

I like having them in here because it gives my kids a chance to still be involved but since I have 4 of them they can get really loud. Keeping the piggies in here I believe reduces their stress.
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