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Do you hate it when people confuse hamsters with guinea pigs?


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Apr 3, 2012
Almost everybody I know, refers to my guinea pigs as hamsters even though I have already corrected them >( Anybody else have the same problem?
If every person that called my guinea pigs rabbits or hamsters gave me a dollar, I would be rich.
My mom, dad, grandpa, sister, family friends, etc... ALL CALL MY GUINEA PIGS HAMSTERS!

It drives me nuts! I think that after a while, though, they are trying to do it on purpose to tick me off...... Oooh well.

Yes! My grandmother insistingly calls them gerbils, and my brother calls them hamsters. I like gerbils better, at least it has a g in it. Everyone else is okay though. Sometimes my friends will call them hamsters, but they'll say it with a questioning tone and go "Oh! Right, guinea pigs. I totally knew that."

And my dad (who has a deep loathing of all rodents I can't seem to coax out of him with the adorable pigs) loves to call them the rats, just to get on my nerves.
If a hamster is called a hamster, then won't a guinea pig be called a porkster? Get it? (Sorry about the lame joke)
(broken link removed) Hahaha I once took my girls to the park and some kid asked me if they were squirrel and did I find them in the park..
:D That made me laugh (inside of course, I don't do outside)
I get gerbils, hamsters, rats, things... I just don't talk to those people. Everyone else has smartened up by now.
Even worse than that was when my husband said something about Mufasa's tail. Say what? And this was after Mufasa had been with us almost a week! I promptly asked him to point out our piggy's tail and re-educated him about guinea pig anatomy.
lol That's funny
My Father in law jests with me about them being Rats. He knows it bugs me and knows they really are guinea pigs, but I still rise to the bait. *face palm*
Actually, I had no idea what guinea pigs looked like until a few months before a got my first two last year. I never saw one before. I'm 20-something years old even. :eye-poppi

So I don't blame others when they mistake what guinea pigs are.

Even worse than that was when my husband said something about Mufasa's tail. Say what? And this was after Mufasa had been with us almost a week! I promptly asked him to point out our piggy's tail and re-educated him about guinea pig anatomy.

I joke about Buttercup having a tail. He has really long rump fur if I don't regularly cut it off. I saw another guinea pig at a rescue I was at with the same thing. Maybe one of their parents was a long haired piggle.
My parents joke and call them rats, but I think I've heard hamster a couple times too.
"Rat" was Mufasa's nickname, and when we were at the vet with our cat, hubby said something about our rat and the doctor said, "Oh, you have rats as pets?" That's partly why I renamed Leela to Borat now that we know "she's" a boy. I like the movie, but it's also a little tribute to Mufasa.
It doesn't bother me. After 2 years of people saying 'Isn't HE cute' in reference to my daughter that is decked out in pink, typically with a flower in her hair, people calling my guinea pigs by another name isn't a big deal.

Plus, when I saw Juniper in my backyard, I told my husband to come look at the pretty rabbit. Who expects a guinea pig to wander into their backyard though?!

Just let it roll and if you think they're TRYING to annoy you, just smile and tell them how much you love that little hamster/rat/gerbil. That'll shut 'em up.
@wheekmau5, this is off topic, but i had to tell you, your piggy looks just like my Frank! :)
HAHA yeah! Everyone calls mine gerbils. If you have ever read the beloved children's book, "olga da polga," written from the view point of an adventerous Guinea pig, Olga tells her other pet friends, (a lonely hedgehog) all about how guinea pigs lost their tails in a great battle. ;) It's the book that got me loving Piggies!
I've gotten "giant hamster" before lol I call them that myself sometimes.

I guess I have very smart freinds/family, because they never refer to them as hamsters, gerbils, rats, or anything like that. I think they're all familiar enough with hamsters to understand that piggies are completely different.
I don't think I really, really knew what guinea pigs looked like before I got one either! My previous boss would call them hamsters, rats, squirrels, whatever he could think of at the time just to make me mad. It was kind of horrible! And my mother in law thinks they are rats. And she can't comprehend how we can have SO many, plus the cats and dogs. But they live in cages. I don't REALLY have eleven animals running free around my house.

Though, when one of the babies was born, he looked juuuust like a hamster. It was so adorable. He's lost it now as he is ginormous, but what can you do.
My mother keeps calling them chipmunks. lol
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