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Grooming do you clean your gps ears often?


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Oct 25, 2011
I read on guinea lynix(sp?) that you should clean the ears every couple weeks with oil. How necessary is this to do? I usually check her ears just to make sure nothing is in them but cleaning is different than just looking at them.
I only clean their ears when it needs it. For you that may be every couple of weeks, it may be once or twice a year. Just remember that if you do decide to clean them, only clean what you can see. It's easy to damage stuff in there.
That's so funny you mention it. I've been doing ears the last couple of days. I check ears when I clip nails. Some of mine always have really clean ears while other tend to get drier skin and debris. My white male tends to get dirtier ears than the others. I use fleece so there's no dusty bedding in there, although I used to use Carefresh in the kitchen when I had one for them. I use mineral oil and use my finger to rub some around the inside of the outer ear. I let it sit a bit and use a Qtip dipped in oil to gently remove any debris in the folds. Then I take a soft cloth over my fingers and gently remove anything left over. I add a little oil to my finger and massage it in around the outer ear to soften it and gently wipe off any remaining oil. It keeps their ears nice and soft and it's easy to keep them clean if you do it regularly. I don't clean out the ear canal. If that needs cleaning, I let my vet do that.
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