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Bathing Do They Really?


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Apr 19, 2012
K, I'm getting up to speed with all this cavy stuff. I thought I did alot of research before adoption...Oh My! Why the public calls them "kids pets" I will never know. They are fragile in so many ways, I'm learning.

Anyway, bathing. Do they really need bathing? I went out today and bought a bottle of Squeaky Clean by Super Pet. Baby powder fragrance? Please! I like the way they smell just fine. I've gone on Utube and some say never use baby shampoo others say it's ok.

I'm getting mixed messages. Please forum tell me cuz' I trust you to know better than me. What is the point of bathing? How often? Blow dry? Wha? Mine would absoultly freak at the sound of a blow dryer.
Nope, they don't need bathing at all. They clean themselves, as you've probably seen. They only need bathing if they're absolutely filthy, for some reason.
I mostly just spot clean as needed, and then run warm water through their fur every few months.I have a gentle faucet sprayer that I use. Sometimes Gorgeous Guineas Posh and Go shampoo. Which is what I'm going to recommend. They also have formulations for different skin types. They ship out from the UK, though.

Grease glands, anal sacks, penis sheaths, etc. I use mineral oil to wipe those areas down and out as needed. I also only recently found out it's good to protude their peepee and clean that as needed! Before I was only wiping down the outside skin =(
I check these things during their weekly "owner exam" as recommended by Guinea Lynx. They state the incisor teeth, feet, ears, skin,and genitals should all be checked during it.

Some of that is if you have boy piggies, of course. Excess grease gland build up can be softened up with coconut oil before being washed.

Some blow dryers are more quite than others, and make sure it's on a low heat setting and safe distance. It takes some getting used to, just like the noise from the vacuum cleaner.
they realy dont need to be bathed at all. I still give mine a bath about once a year tho. It does not hurt them and they quit enjoy it acttuly.. although some pigs due hate it. i give mine baths tho because They like water and its nice to have a super clean gunie pig once in awhile XD Although when it comes down to it.. no, they dont need baths
GPs are high maintenance in most things, but low maintenance where baths are concerned. When I got Borat and Amy, they were both kind of stinky, and Amy's hair was a little coarse (had been in somewhat dirty cages and both on wood shaving), but now that they've been in a clean environment for around three weeks they already smell good (kind of like hay). I may be crazy, but I love to smell their fur when I'm holding them. If you provide a nice, clean cage, your piggy should be just fine.
Thank you very, very, much. I kept the receipt thinking I would take the shampoo back. From my prior posts you can see I'm a fussy mom.

:DNow that my husband is on board with piggies...he stopped calling them rats.
He is in the process of building a big ol' enclosed outdoor play ground for the girls! Yea!!

Spring is here in CO and grass is green, clover and dandilions abound. Think my girls are gonna' enjoy this.
Go slow with that outdoor grass. They aren't used to it, so it could give tem diarrhea. Also make sure there aren't any pesticides on the grass.
Only if they are very dirty, or if you are doing male grease gland cleaning should they be bathed. Even so, long haired cavies may need baths from time to time. My piggie Broccoli has medium length hair and even that with daily brushing can get dirty and need washing. However trimming and hair wraps can help with that :) I'm not so sure about using hair wraps - I believe that's what guinea pig showers use but if that's so then they must work.
My piggies LOVE being out in the garden grazing on grass when it's warm and the grass is dry, they have a 16sq ft sturdy run we keep an eye on. Make sure your pigglers have shade and if you are not supervising them, tent pegs can be a good way to prevent them from being lifted up.
Go slow with that outdoor grass. They aren't used to it, so it could give tem diarrhea. Also make sure there aren't any pesticides on the grass.
Thank you for your experience. We do not spray and such. Lawn mower man came by today. Tall green grass is now short. I still want to see the reaction with their toes in the grass.
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