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Water Do i have to change it daily?


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Nov 12, 2011
water do i have to change my piggies (moo moo and lunaria) water daily they don't drink a lot and by that i mean my bottles are almost full also do you truely need vit c drops because i don't have those because piggies get it from fresh veggies and pellets/hay.
I change the water everyday, no matter how much is gone. The water bottle can get nasty if you don't change it daily. I know I personally wouldn't want to drink water that's been sitting there for a few days, so why would they?
As for the vit c drops, piggies should be getting all the vit c they need from veggies and quality pellets. So, no, drops are not needed or recommended. They can turn piggies off of their water.
You're right about the Vitamin C drops. The pigs don't need it if they are healthy and eating a proper diet. Besides, you NEVER want to add anything to a pigs water, because it could deter them from drinking what they should and cause them to become dehydrated.

Just my opinion, but I think you should change the water everyday. Fresh water is always so much better for any animal (or human). I don't know about you, but I hate drinking water that's a day or two old...seems kind of "stale"
okay ill change their water tonite. ILL add that to my routine for my loveable piggies
I check the water bottles every time I look at the piggies...which is alot during the day. At the end of the day when I feed them their greens right before bed, I change the water. Its just a routine that I have made for myself, even if the bottles are full.
The way I look at it is, would you or I want to drink out of the same container that we drooled in for multiple days? The rubber gasket needs to be removed and washed, too, so it doesn't get gross.
okay ill do that tomo? what rubber gasket
Ditto what others have said about changing the water daily. In addition to the kind of film that can sometimes build up on the plastic, pigs tend to backwash into the water.
The rubber gasket is the black rubber circular disk that's inside the cap. It keeps the bottle from leaking. Water and debris get under there and it'll get slimy if you don't remove it and clean it.
how do you remove it without breaking your waterbottle?
Not all bottles have a gasket, though. The most recent bottle I bought doesn't have one for some strange reason. It doesn't leak or anything, though. Weird.
I have two cheap water bottles from Walmart. Neither of them has a gasket, and neither one leaks.
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