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Do guinea pigs have to be kept in pairs?????

oreo the piggy

Cavy Gazer
Jul 21, 2020
Honestly I’m pretty torn on this question for everyone’s information I have two guinea pigs and I keep them in pairs and I honestly think they do better in pairs but some channels on YouTube have said stuff like it’s better to take proper care of your guinea pig then to abuse it meaning it’s better to take proper care of it if you can only take care of one then to get to and not take good care of both of them there’s a popular channel on TikTok called Tony the guinea pig and Tony is kept alone but he seems to be very happy what do you guys think and do you guys think Guinea pigs can with alone
In some European countries, it's illegal to purchase or adopt just one guinea pig unless you've got a singleton at home because its partner died.

Guinea pigs are herd animals, and they're MUCH happier and more active if living with a buddy. If you've already got them in pairs, leave them be.
We've all been through this, except a lot of the newer cavy slaves. Eventually, you will lose one of your pigs and have one remaining.

Sometimes, they do ok when they're alone. It has been my experience however, that when a pig suddenly loses it's partner they become sad, lazy and bored. I got the biggest glimpses into the benefits of having buddies just in the past 8 or 9 months.

Long story short, I lost a beloved pig in October last year. Both pigs were ill, and one made it while the other did not. The remaining pig was left by himself for two months, because he wasn't well yet himself and we couldn't risk getting another pig sick. When he WAS finally well, he was introduced to a new brother. The difference was night and day. Here's their introduction thread if you want a quick look. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/122268-It-s-Introduction-Day!

Long story short, Scooter was thrilled to have a new buddy and Leo, who had never known another pig, was beside himself with happiness. Sadly, it was short lived. Scooter passed away suddenly in May of this year, and Leo was so very, very sad. I could see his state of mind decline rapidly and moved quickly to find him a new buddy. Too quickly for me, but Leo was the important one.

Losing Scooter has changed Leo. He now sticks to his new brother like glue. He is such an affectionate and doting big brother it's unbelievable. Simon had a vet appointment yesterday, and I thought Leo was going to disappear inside himself he was so distraught.

So, to answer your question, I believe pigs should never be kept alone if circumstances permit more. As @bpatters has stated, some countries consider it an act of cruelty to keep only one unless there are extenuating circumstances. If your pig has a buddy and they get along great, leave it that way.
Thanks I agree with. Your points although I do see a lot of guinea pigs online and on YouTube that are kept alone and they seem very happy but I honestly think they need friends
Can the owners ask them if they are happy? Piggies will popcorn and do what they do with or without a friend, but being in a cage without anyone to talk to sounds quite lonely to me.
Guinea pigs indicate happiness by being active, vocal, social, and having a good appetite.

For example, exploring the cage and hideys while making a chuck-chuck sound. Moving lightweight hideys around, and showing interest in toys such as treat balls and snuffle mats. Nuzzling through their hay and showing an interest in their surroundings. They should be excited to see you and wheek for attention. My guinea pig wheeks when I give the dog a treat to make sure I don't forget her. When you hold them they should settle down contently and maybe even purr. And of course they should be interested in food and maintain a healthy weight.
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