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Aggression divided cage and one lonely pig?


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Nov 26, 2011
i currently have 3 boys - 2 six month olds and 1 five year old. i have a 2X7 C&C cage, divided into 2: a 2X3 with dreyfus in it and a 2X4 with kramer and george (the 5 year old). they've been separated now for a couple of weeks, due to fighting, with bloodshed, mostly between dreyfus and kramer. every since the separation, dreyfus has been chewing at the grids and coroplast that separates him from the other 2. it looks to me like he really wants to join the other 2, but the fighting was so awful, i don't really want to try it again. my question is this: should i be worried about all the grid chewing dreyfus is doing? am i reading too much into it to think he's doing it because he wants to join the other 2? i really don't have the room to expand my cage yet again and find a companion for dreyfus. i'm worried he's not ok, or happy on his own, even is he can see and interact a bit with the 2 others. any ideas, comments, feedback?
Is there any way you could add a couple more grids and make it a 4x4 and try one more time? Full reintroductions with a buddy bath? Wider is better than narrower with boars, and maybe enough room to get past each other without squabbles would do the trick.

If that doesn't work, I'd leave them separated and look for a neutered female for Dreyfus. They do show up occasionally, although you may have to wait a while.
thanks - i don't want to "yes, but. . ." but i truly have no room to go to a 4X4. and i'm still reeling from that last go round. kramer's wounds have just now healed, and i'm grateful they didn't require vet care or get infected. adding a companion for dreyfus would mean expanding the cage again. all i wanted in the beginning was just 2 pigs. i took in the george, because he's a senior citizen and a special needs pig, and i wanted to give back and help. but i know my limits, and this (a divided cage for 3 pigs) is just on the edge of what i can reasonably handle. do you think dreyfus is chewing out of unhappiness? i don't want him to be stressed or unhappy. i was hoping that being able to see the other 2 would make it ok for him to be "alone". but, no?
Well, he's obviously unhappy the way he is. You might try putting a piece of plexiglass down the divider on his side so he can't chew the bars -- that would at least prevent any broken teeth.

I really don't know what should be done. There seems to be no way they can all live together, so I guess the solution is just whatever you're most comfortable doing with Dreyfus.
i'm not trying to be difficult, i'm just frustrated. i thought dreyfus would be okay alone, but close to the others. i guess now i'm worried that i's not a good situation for dreyfus to be living like this. if i have to, i suppose i could reconfigure and somehow make 2 cages, each 2X4, and find a comanion for dreyfus. given his bullying issues, what kind of pig would you think the best bet? young or old male?
Honestly, I'd try a neutered female. I think that would give you your best shot at success.
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