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Bedding Dish Mat


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Apr 1, 2012
I am considering trying out the fleece that I see a lot of people talking about. I don't want to use newspaper or towels, since those seem likely to smell after a couple days, and I'd rather only wash once a week.

We use this thing in the kitchen for drying dishes. It is called a Dish Drying Mat. It is a super absorbent soft thing and is antimicrobial. It gets consistently wet from dishes, and I usually get by without washing it for at least a month, usually more, and even then it doesn't ever smell.

My idea is to get a three of these, single layer the bottom of the cage, and then cover with polyester fleece. Maybe put something else under the mats as a backup.

I'd certainly make sure they can't get under the fleece to nibble on them.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
That seems like it would work really well. I wonder how they would hold up with frequent washing? I think you should give it a try and report back. You may have hit on a great bedding idea!
My only concern would be that it's got foam in the middle between the two cloth layers, and I can't see why that wouldn't smell pretty quickly. And I can imagine that it's antimicrobial when all you're doing is drying dishes on it, but wonder how it would stand up to guinea pig poop and pee.

But, like spy9doc, maybe you should try it and report back. My cage is large, so it would be too expensive to just try it out. But if it worked, I'd certainly try it.
Thanks for the replies. I might try it here in a week or so. Especially if I get tired of buying CareFresh.
I am going to use them in a few places in my cages. I think they would work well especially as a ramp layer. I will be using them in their litter boxes and as their go to pads during floor time.
That is a great idea! My concern with those would be drying time. I use them for my dishes and they stay fairly damp for quite some time. The fleece might extend that time and you're stuck with a damp environment for all sorts of things :( That is one thing I love about the U-haul pads - they dry quickly.
Good point i was just thinking about that too. I will have u haul pads. something to think about
Do the uhaul pads smell after a couple of days? Or can they last a week?
Do the uhaul pads smell after a couple of days? Or can they last a week?

How big is your cage? Believe it or not...the bigger the cage, the longer you can go between cleanings.

I am currently using a fleece/u-haul pad/fleece combo in my 3x5 cage and it's still perfectly fine after a week. I do a full cleaning every weekend, but I'm sure if I had to my bedding could last another couple of days before smelling.

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It is a store bought cage made for adult rabbits (don't worry, solid floor), so it isn't big, but it isn't small. They are both still young, so for now it'll do until I can make a bigger one.

Can the uhaul pads be washed?
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