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Coroplast Dimensions for a 2x5 cage


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Nov 22, 2011
I got my dimensions for the coroplast needed for a 2x5 cage from the homepage of this site. I called the sign shop and asked for 30" by 62". However I just got back from the shop and my coroplast is not wide enough. Are the dimensions on the homepage not including what is needed to build up the side walls of the cage?
2ft = 24 inches, 5ft = 60 inches. If you use 6 inch sides, you would need 6 inches (side 1) + 24 inches (base) + 6 inches (side 2) =36 inches for the short way. The long way is this: 6 inches (side 1) + 60 inches (base) + 6 inches (side 2) = 72 inches.

Hope this helps, you and anyone else considering building their own cage. I went over my measurements many times before I got my coroplast, because I knew I would probably mess it up. Call the shop back, and see if they still have the remnants-you can tape the remnants to the base to make the sides.
the first measurements on the site are not with the 6 inches but if you go farther down the page it shows you the right dimensions with the 6 inches
Grids are just short of 14" per grid so 2 grids = 28", so if you want 5" sides add 10" for 38" wide.

5 grids would be 70" so you would need a 38" x 80" piece for 2x5 with 5" sides
Here's what the site said;
53" x 39" for a 2 x 3 grid cage
68" x 39" for a 2 x 4 grid cage
83" x 39" for a 2 x 5 grid cage
96" x 39" for a 2 x 6 grid cage
(96" is a full sheet length-8 feet)
So i'm pretty much screwed and have to go out and buy another sheet of coroplast?
Does anyone know if they'd take back what I have? I just spent 30 bucks on this I'd rather not have to spend another 30 :( And the new dimensions would be 38"x80"?
cows, you would have to ask the shop, they may credit you for the useable part or not. $30 seems pretty high per sheet, I paid $7 a sheet and tossed the guy $3 for cutting it.
If you got them from the chart at the top of the page, that's just the width by the length of the cage -- it has nothing to do with coroplast.

If you click on the "how to make" link on the left side of the Home page, it will tell you exactly how to make the coroplast fit, including the measurements.
It's a little late for that now.. I just assumed the walls would be accounted for.
i posted the dimensions up above. thats what this site said and what i went by. you add 12" to the width and length so for a 2x5 itd be 83x39. 30 is over priced. i got my full sheet for 15
I don't have any other option, I live in a small community and this sign shop is the only place available to get coroplast.
Also I built a loft with this new cage. The dimensions I had found for that were 14x28 .. Which was also too small. So I'm assuming I should be asking for 20x34?
if you want 6 inche sides on all sides you need 12 inches. adding 6 inches would make 3 inch sides.
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