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Weight Digital Scale help?


Cavy Slave
Jul 8, 2016
Can anyone recommend a good digital scale for weight? looking on amazon right now and it's so overwhelming.
You want a kitchen scale that weighs up to five pounds in both ounces and kilograms. It should have a wide top or bowl to put the pig on/in in order to weigh it. You should be able to get a good one for about $15 or less. But it doesn't have to be digital -- the analog ones are just fine.
In my opinion, it doesn't /have/ to have a wide top or bowl, that just makes your life a bit easier. I just taped a wide Tupperware container to the top of mine, the scale automatically discounts or "zeroes" that weight when booting up, and it works fine.

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Hi, i just bought (broken link removed) from etekcity website. It is just 19.99$.
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