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Feet Diagnosed with Bumblefoot :(


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Jan 7, 2012
Our little Carmella was diagnosed with bumblefoot this evening. I am not surprised after I did tons of research. I am shocked that the rescue we adopted her from could have missed this. One foot is very badly infected! She is on Baytril orally and a Baytril ointment. The vet also wants me to add a vitamin C supplement to aid in healing. Any advice during treatment for our little piggy? I feel so bad for her.
Yes, I do! I had a pig with bumblefoot on all 4 feet. I soaked his feet in warm water with epsom salts twice a day. He healed in a WEEK, which is amazing! But, all cases are different. I highly reccomend it. I just mixed the warm water and salt in a bowl, then I soaked the front feet (while holding piggy) for 3 min, and the back feet for 3 min. Then I rubbed lotion on (something with no fragrances and colors and stuff). My vet had never seen a pig heal that fast. I'll go look for the long post and photos I posted back then. Be right back.
Diagnosed with Bumblefoot :( Before and after (3 days of epsom soaks)
@Nicolene...Thanks. I will start the soaks tomorrow. I started doing chlorhexidine soaks, but the vet said that there isn't any need to continue due to the advanced infection. I don't think the epsom salt soaks would hurt...one foot isn't as bad. Below is a pic of the worst foot. :(
Diagnosed with Bumblefoot :(
Wow, that is pretty infected! Poor baby! It's great that she's on meds. Yes, try anything you can ;) Good luck!

P.S. We just acquired a bunny named Carmella.
After just three antiboitic doses and topical treatments...she is a bit perkier! It might just be the extra vitamin C...either way, I can't wait to see what she is like when she is healed!
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