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Chewing Determined Chewing on Cage Bars... An organized breakout?


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Jan 10, 2012
I have two little piggies about three months old now and we upgraded them to a bigger cage (C&C style of 2x4) with a (2x2) loft addition to be added this weekend. Prior to being in this cage they had hours of floor time. Since I work from home I just let them have the run of the living room all day. On days when I can't let them run for hours we put them in their cage (or for bedtime after a full day of running around) they go straight to the bars to chew! It is breaking my heart because I just can't let them run around unsupervised, and I can't leave them out at night... but them seam so unhappy... are they just spoiled and will eventually find the toys in their cage more fun than chewing on the bars? Or is there something else I should be doing?

*They take turns chewing on the bars. One will take a snack break while the other chews. Then they switch. Its kinda like watching them pass the spoon at Alcatraz.
:)I have 20 pigs soo this happens alot..... we cant have them all running around at a time so 3 pigs come out to run around the room at a time but when they go back in their cage they chew on the bars..... i would recommend putting chew toys ON the bars to stop the chewing if that doesnt work give them treats when they dont chew on the bars or you can put a tiny bit of lemon jucie on the bars,as they will not like the taste. guinea pigs arent really supposed to have a whole lemon but im sure a bit of the juice wont hurt...:)
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